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New Technology in patch 2.6

New Technology Additions in Update 2.6 – A Comprehensive Guide

Update 2.6 in Infinity Kingdom brings exciting new technology additions, including Troop tech and Immortal tech. While the Troop technology upgrades may have fallen short of expectations, the Immortal tech introduces compelling enhancements. This guide explores the new technologies, highlighting their effects and potential impact on gameplay.

Troop Technology: The Troop technology additions primarily focus on reducing troop losses in battles. Although these upgrades may appear lackluster, they play a significant role in preserving troops during combat. The reductions in “troop deaths” directly translate to fewer losses on the battlefield.

The Troop technology were kind of a let down. These are reductions of “troop deaths” which essentially just reduces the amount of troops you loose in battle. A boring upgrade for something we have been waiting so long for if you ask me. However, we are getting new and interesting technology for Immortals. These are getting first “Defense Stance” which gives a massive total of 10% reduction to critical hit damage taken. Very very very good. Furthermore, the last nodes in the new Immortal technology tree are all very very good too.

Immortal Technology

The Immortal technology upgrades, on the other hand, bring more exciting and impactful enhancements. Let’s delve into the specific upgrades and their effects:

Defense Stance (All Immortals): The Defense Stance upgrade provides a substantial 10% reduction in critical hit damage taken by Immortals. This defensive boost significantly improves their survivability, making Immortals more resilient on the battlefield. This upgrade is highly valuable and contributes to the overall effectiveness of Immortal-based armies.

Bowmen: Bowmen’s normal attacks now have a chance to reduce a proportion of the target’s Magical Defense for 3 seconds. This upgrade empowers Bowmen by weakening the magical defenses of their targets, making them more vulnerable to magical damage. This enhancement promotes the rise of endgame magic setups, potentially challenging the dominance of physical setups in the new max level meta.

Shieldmen: Shieldmen Immortals receive a significant buff, as they now have a chance to protect the front row from normal attacks. This enhancement provides a powerful defense against normal attacks, making Shieldmen an effective choice for countering hybrid marches. While it indirectly nerfs hybrid setups, it greatly strengthens Shieldmen’s role in specific battle scenarios.

Cavalry: Cavalry’s normal attacks gain a chance to reduce a proportion of the target’s Physical Defense for 3 seconds. This upgrade marks a massive buff for Cavalry, particularly in the physical damage meta. With this enhancement, Cavalry becomes more formidable, allowing for greater impact and effectiveness on the battlefield. It has the potential to reshape the strategic landscape of max level gameplay.

Spearmen: Spearmen Immortals now have a chance to recover some HP when dealing normal attacks. While the Spearmen upgrade offers a minor benefit of HP recovery, its impact may be limited in practical use. The healing effect from normal attacks may not significantly impact battle outcomes unless utilized in a specific spear setup that benefits greatly from leeching.

Conclusion: The new technology additions in Update 2.6 bring both underwhelming and exciting upgrades. While the Troop technology upgrades primarily focus on reducing troop losses, the Immortal technology introduces game-changing enhancements. Notably, the Defense Stance, along with the upgrades for Bowmen, Shieldmen, and Cavalry, offers powerful advantages in combat. These upgrades have the potential to reshape the meta and diversify strategic options in the game.

Prepare to adapt your army compositions and battle strategies as you explore the new technologies and harness their potential in Infinity Kingdom. May these upgrades lead you to triumph in the ever-evolving world of warfare!

Published: 08-07-2023