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Night Phantoms

Infinity Kingdom has a ton of cool city skins. You get skins from purchases during events, performance from in game activities such as contention of relics and/or Legion of Frostborne, Throne of the Supreeme, and so on.’

In this article we shall look to one of the absolute highest value skins of all – if not the single best skin in all of Infinity Kingdom: Night Phantoms.

What does “Night Phantoms” do?

Every castle skin has unique beneficial effects, from building speed to rss gathering and troop HP. The Night Phantoms castle skin provides a 3% technology upgrade speed boost. This is MASSIVE since technology is the single most time consuming activity/upgrade in all of Infinity Kingdom. Upgrading all of your buildings will be finished WAY before you ever get close to finishing even just the important combat tech, much less doing both growth, combat and defense.

For the most efficient upgrade path in Infinity Kingdom, a player must dedicate all universal speeds to Technology development. Simply, because there is so many many times more technologies to upgrade taking a lot more time. As such, I will argue that the single best buff for player growth is technology boost.

How to get it?

You can get this skin in two different ways:

(1) During the Halloween event. This skin has been available in both halloween events so far, and I expect it to be in the October 2023 event as well.

(2) In the Golden Path this skin is available in the third and fourth rotation. This means the skin is available in the late february/early march season of Golden Path in 2023.

Published: 12-02-23