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Healing and Training Troops

Guide to Troop Training and Healing Optimization in Infinity Kingdom

Greetings, commanders! Are you tired of burning through speedups while healing and training troops? Fear not, for this guide is tailored for alliances dedicated to efficient troop recovery and training strategies. Brace yourselves for a journey that will save you countless speedups in the long run.

Scattered across Norheim are cities that offer Seriously Wounded Healing Speed and Troop Training Speed buffs to controlling alliances. This presents a golden opportunity for players to conserve speedups during troop recovery. One alliance manages healing cities, while another oversees training cities. The current King can also assign positions granting a 10% increase in healing and training speed, complementing the mayor buffs that offer 3%.

Healing Cities:
Nine cities, including Managarmr and Anahita, provide a combined 63% Seriously Wounded Healing Speed. Various castle decorations, skins, and technologies enhance healing speed, with Quick Relief II research offering a 10% speedup. Military Commanders contribute an additional 20-25%, although some percentages are not additive.

Training Cities:
Ten cities, including Egeria and Gaviel, contribute a total of 50% Troop Training Speed. Few castle decorations offer training speed buffs, and exclusive skins like Frozen Fortress and Phantom Glory provide additional benefits. Mayor buffs and technology nodes further increase training speed by 30%, with Military Commanders adding 20-25%. Similar to healing, some percentages are not additive.

Assuming maxed healing and training technology nodes, and excluding castle skins and mayor buffs, training 9,750 troops can be reduced from 14 hours and 40 minutes to about 11 hours, saving over three hours of speedups. Healing 77,000 troops can be shortened from 24 hours to approximately 15 hours. Recovering a full training ground of 850,000 troops results in savings of about 260 hours of speedups.

Nineteen cities distribute increased Seriously Wounded Healing Speed or Troop Training Speed. With alliances capable of holding up to 15 territories, strategic planning can maximize speedup savings. One alliance controlling all cities of one type and some of the other, or two alliances managing one type each, are viable approaches. The latter, though slightly more tedious, offers greater savings. Removing your character from alliances after completion accelerates the process. While not suitable during battle, this method significantly conserves speedups, allowing you to outlast opponents in events like Legion of Frostborne. Save on speedups here to invest in other critical events, such as Illusion Battlefield, where this tactic is not applicable. Optimize your troop management and dominate the realms of Infinity Kingdom!

Published: 21-11-2023