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Total Dominance a New Honor Skin

Total Dominance: A Sovereign’s Splendor

In the ever-shifting tapestry of Infinity Kingdom, where battles define destinies and alliances forge legends, a new dawn emerges on the horizon. Embodied by the illustrious “Total Dominance” castle skin, this ephemeral masterpiece is an emblem of honor, prestige, and unparalleled dominion. Designed exclusively for the most valiant conquerors reigning at the summit of honor brackets, “Total Dominance” stands as a beacon of supremacy and a testament to the heights one can achieve.

In the heart of Norheim, a new chapter unfolds with the arrival of the “Total Dominance” castle skin. A symbol of prime stature, this 2.6.6 skin heralds the dawn of greatness for those who stand unshaken as the vanguard of their kingdoms. Crafted with meticulous attention, this limited-time masterpiece encapsulates the essence of dominance and power, affirming its bearers as unrivaled rulers within their realms.

Ephemeral Elegance: Temporary Yet Resplendent

What sets “Total Dominance” apart is its fleeting nature – a majestic artifact only adorning the citadel of those who reside at the pinnacles of honor brackets. For the prince of each kingdom – the veritable embodiment of honor – a prime skin awaits, a symbol of peerless authority. For those at the echelons just below, sub-skins bear witness to their remarkable achievements, projecting an aura of grandeur matched only by their victories.

Draped in Splendor: Boosting a Monarch’s Might

5% healing speed is provided from this skin. As with any city skin, “Total Dominance” unveils unique enhancements, contributing to the dominion’s potency. These bonuses serve as a testament to the ruler’s supremacy – a testament that extends to the heart of battles and the foundations of strategic eminence.

A Precious Display of Power

The allure of “Total Dominance” extends beyond mere numbers; it’s a canvas upon which the spirit of conquest is painted. The valor and strategic brilliance that propel a ruler to the pinnacle of the honor brackets are encapsulated within this limited-time masterpiece. It’s a symphony of prestige and splendor that resonates only with those who have ascended the highest peaks of Infinity Kingdom


Wielder of Dominion: How to obtain it

In the pursuit of “Total Dominance,” the question is not merely “How can I attain it?” but rather, “Am I worthy of its glory?” This city skin serves as both a badge of honor and an emblem of responsibility. It signifies the ascendancy of not just a ruler, but a monarch who commands respect, admiration, and the loyalty of countless allies.

For those who possess the distinction of a “Total Dominance” skin, the throne is not merely a seat of power; it’s an altar where honor, valor, and leadership converge. It’s a realm where legends are woven and destinies are carved, and every passing moment is a testament to the enduring might and unwavering legacy of its bearer.

The Temporal Majesty

As the sun sets on the “Total Dominance” skin with each shift in the honor brackets, its brilliance remains etched in the annals of Infinity Kingdom. While the skin itself may be temporary, the indomitable spirit that drives its possessors, the spirit of total dominance, lives on as a source of inspiration, aspiration, and perpetual victory.

Published: 18-08-2023