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Mont Saint Michel

Player Guide: Mont Saint Michel Castle Skin

Greetings, lords and ladies! Today, we embark on a journey to explore the all-new Castle skin, “Mont Saint Michel.” This majestic skin promises not only a visually stunning upgrade for your stronghold but also valuable buffs to aid you in your conquests. Let’s delve into the details of how to obtain it, its cost, appearance, and the benefits it brings.

Obtaining the Mont Saint Michel Skin:

To adorn your castle with the Mont Saint Michel skin, you’ll need to navigate through the three-step bundles available in the in-game shop. Each bundle provides distinct rewards:

  • First Bundle (5$): Unlocks a unique profile picture frame.
  • Second Bundle (10$): Grants you an exclusive chatbox skin.
  • Third Bundle (100$): The grand prize! This bundle includes the Mont Saint Michel castle skin along with a castle name decoration to truly personalize your stronghold.

Appearance and Aesthetics:

The Mont Saint Michel Castle skin boasts a visually striking design that is sure to catch the eyes of fellow players.

Though personal opinions may vary, many players appreciate the intricate details and unique charm of this skin. It’s worth noting that the skin looks particularly impressive in the Red faction, but it still adds a touch of elegance to your castle in Green.

Additionally, the Mont Saint Michel skin includes a troop cosmetic skin that enhances the overall appearance of your army. Prepare to lead your forces with style!

Functionality and Buffs:

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Mont Saint Michel skin provides tangible benefits to aid you in your conquests:

  • Resource Production Bonus: Enjoy a 5% boost to all resource production, excluding gold.
  • Troop Training Speed Bonus: Experience a 5% acceleration in troop training speed.

While these buffs might not revolutionize your gameplay, they contribute to the overall efficiency of your kingdom. The troop training speed bonus is especially valuable for those who may not have the Fire Dragon skin.

In conclusion, the Mont Saint Michel Castle skin is a worthy addition to your collection, combining visual elegance with practical benefits. Whether you seek to showcase your status or optimize your resource management, this skin offers a well-rounded package for lords and ladies ready to elevate their kingdom to new heights. Best of luck on your quest!

Published: 28-11-2023