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Golden Path changes patch 2.6.8

Player Guide: Navigating the Updated Golden Path Event in Infinity Kingdom

The Golden Path event in Infinity Kingdom, a familiar and beloved feature, has recently undergone significant updates that enhance its appeal, especially for free-to-play (F2P) and low-spending players. This guide will walk you through the new changes, focusing on the strategic benefits of the revamped event shop and how to maximize your rewards throughout the event.

Event Mechanics

Daily Quests and Progression

  • Daily Participation: To fully complete the Golden Path event as a F2P player, you must complete almost all daily quests provided each day. This ensures you collect enough coins to unlock the higher tiers of rewards.
  • Medallion Purchase: For those willing to invest a little, purchasing the Medallion can significantly increase your coin earnings and unlock additional rewards.

Major Changes to the Shop

The most notable change in the Golden Path event is the overhaul of the event shop. Here’s what’s new and why it matters:

Dragon Skins

  • Access for All: Previously, dragon skins, which offer various buffs to training, technology, honor, building speed, and more, were hard to reach for players who didn’t spend much on the game. Now, these skins are available in the Golden Path shop, making them accessible through consistent event participation.
  • Benefits of Skins: Each dragon skin not only enhances your kingdom’s aesthetics but also provides substantial gameplay advantages. These buffs can accelerate your progress in several core areas, making your kingdom more efficient.

Discounted Portals

  • Cost Reduction: Another significant update is the introduction of portals at half their original price. This change comes at a perfect time, given the game’s trend toward server consolidations, allowing players to transition more smoothly or boost their strategic options at a lower cost.

The above are the old prices, as you can see Portals used to cost 100 coin, now reduced to 50!

Strategies for Maximizing Rewards

Prioritizing Shop Items

  • Focus on Dragon Skins: Given their enhanced utility and previously limited availability, prioritize acquiring these skins first. Determine which skin’s buffs align best with your current needs (e.g., speeding up technology if you’re focusing on upgrades or increasing training speed to bolster your armies). Read all about the different skins here.
  • Utilizing Portals Wisely: With the reduced cost, portals become an attractive option for strategic positioning or expansion. Consider your long-term goals and how relocating or expanding can benefit your overall strategy in the realm.

Event Participation Tips

  • Complete Daily Quests: Ensure you log in and complete the required quests daily. Setting reminders can help you maintain consistency throughout the event.
  • Plan for the Full Duration: The Golden Path is a marathon, not a sprint. Plan your resources and time to ensure that you can participate actively for the entire duration of the event.

Long-Term Planning

  • Beyond the Event: Think about how the rewards from the Golden Path can fit into your broader game strategy. Dragon skins are a long-term investment that can continually provide benefits, so consider how they can best serve your kingdom’s growth.
  • Stay Informed: Changes to the event or additions to the shop can occur, so staying up-to-date with game updates and community discussions is crucial.


The updated Golden Path event offers significant opportunities, especially for players who have not been able to access certain premium items like dragon skins. By actively participating in the event and strategically using the event shop, players of all spending levels can substantially enhance their gameplay experience. Remember, effective planning and consistent participation are key to making the most of what the Golden Path has to offer.

Published: 23-04-2024