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The Merchant and his goods

Navigating the Depths: A Player’s Guide to the Deep Sea Merchant in Infinity Kingdom

Commanders, brace yourselves for the latest addition to Infinity Kingdom— the enigmatic Deep Sea Merchant. As a beacon of opportunities, this Mysterious Merchant Ship docks at your shores every Saturday, bringing with it a trove of treasures and bargains waiting to be explored. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the Deep Sea Merchant, providing insights on how to make the most of this weekly event.

1. Unlocking the Secrets: Requirements and Availability

Unlocking the Deep Sea Merchant requires servers to have progressed to at least season 2. Once this milestone is achieved, the Mysterious Merchant Ship graces your kingdom every Saturday, remaining accessible for a duration of two days.

2. Feature Rules:

A. Diverse Offerings:

  1. Shop with Gems: The Deep Sea Merchant presents a unique opportunity to spend Gems on a variety of valuable items, including Crimson Moonlight, Stardust, Gold, Loren’s Heart, and more.
  2. Changing Prices: Unlike conventional shops, the pricing of items within the Deep Sea Merchant is not fixed. The first few purchases are accompanied by a discount, but as you continue, the prices will progressively increase.

B. Strategic Purchases:

While the Mysterious Merchant Ship offers a range of items, two stand out as crucial acquisitions:

  1. Crimson Moonlight for Chaos Portrait Levels: Commanders seeking to enhance their Chaos Portrait levels should prioritize purchasing Crimson Moonlight. These items can significantly contribute to the progression of Chaos Portraits.
  2. Stardust for Epic Portrait Levels: For those aiming to elevate their Epic Portrait levels, investing in Stardust is paramount. Keep an eye on Stardust bundles available at the merchant, as they play a pivotal role in your portrait level advancements.

3. Strategic Insights:

A. Resource Management:

The pricing of certain items, such as gold and resources, may escalate rapidly. It’s advisable to exercise caution and avoid spending Gems on these unless absolutely necessary.

B. Personal Experience:

The author, not having Chaos portraits, has found immense value in purchasing Stardust from the merchant. For a detailed breakdown of Stardust bundle costs and their implications, refer to the guide here.

4. Conclusion:

The Deep Sea Merchant stands as a dynamic marketplace, offering strategic commanders the chance to enrich their kingdoms with coveted items. Whether you are seeking Chaos Portrait advancements or striving for higher Epic Portrait levels, the Deep Sea Merchant has something to offer. Navigate the changing tides, make informed choices, and let the treasures of the Deep Sea Merchant enhance the strength and prosperity of your kingdom. Happy sailing, commanders!

Published: 26-12-2023