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New Golden Path (2024)

Navigating the Golden Path Event Changes: A Guide for F2P and Light Spenders

Hey, Infinity Kingdom enthusiasts! The Golden Path event has undergone some significant changes recently, and I’m here to break it all down for you. The event duration has been trimmed down to 21 days, which brings about a mix of challenges and opportunities for both free-to-play (F2P) players and those willing to invest a little in their conquests. Let’s dive into the details and strategize on how to make the most of this event under the new format.

Understanding the New Golden Path Dynamics

The reduction in days to a 21-day timeframe tightens the window for collecting event points, impacting how players progress through the event’s 50 levels. For F2P players, this change is particularly poignant. Maximizing daily quests over the 21 days will only get you to level 45, leaving a gap that requires either an investment of 2250 gems or opening your wallet to reach the full 50 levels.

On the flip side, for players who opt for the big season pass, the event becomes even more rewarding. The pass boosts can catapult you to level 100, unlocking a plethora of benefits and making the investment significantly more attractive, especially for light spenders.

Strategies for F2P Players

  1. Maximize Daily Quests: Ensure you’re completing every daily quest available to you. This is your bread and butter for advancing through the event levels.
  2. Strategic Gem Use: If you’ve been saving your gems, this event might be a time to strategically use them. Prioritize spending on levels that unlock the most value for your gameplay.

Tips for Light Spenders

Season Pass Consideration: If you’re contemplating the season pass, this event’s structure makes it more appealing than ever. Evaluate the rewards, especially the inclusion of new Immortals and their unique artifacts, to determine if the investment aligns with your gameplay goals. Golden Path is now an event that are made for light spenders to spend wisely if they are currently building one of the key Immortals that are now available here. They changed the rewards around so that you can now get new paywalled immortals here and their unique artifacts!

The Silver Lining: New Immortals and Artifacts

Despite the challenges presented by the shortened event, there’s a significant upside. The Golden Path now offers access to new Immortals like Seon, Louis, Mathilda, and their unique artifacts. These additions not only make the event more attractive for light spenders but also introduce fresh dynamics into the gameplay for all.

Conclusion: Adapt and Overcome

While the changes to the Golden Path event pose new challenges, especially for F2P players, they also open up new strategies and opportunities. Whether you’re looking to stay strictly F2P or are open to light spending, the key is to approach the event with a plan. Maximize your daily quests, consider the value of the season pass, and stay engaged with the community to navigate the event successfully.

Published: 20-02-2024