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Using the new Harbour feature

Player Guide: Mastering the New Harbour Feature in Infinity Kingdom

With the release of patch 2.6.8, Infinity Kingdom introduced a revamped Harbour feature, transforming it into a continuous exploration activity where players dispatch immortals on their ship to gather resources and experience. This guide delves into the mechanics of the new Harbour, offering strategies to optimize your rewards.

Understanding the Harbour Mechanics

Continuous Sailing

  • Continuous Exploration: Unlike the previous long voyages, the new system allows the ship to continuously sail, collecting rewards and EXP.
  • EXP and Leveling: Experience points increase your ship’s level, which in turn enhances the quality and quantity of rewards.

Dispatching Immortals

  • Crew Assignment: Immortals assigned to the ship’s crew cannot participate in marches but remain available for Arena and Throne activities.
  • Rotating Immortal Compositions: Periodically, certain immortals will offer bonus rewards when dispatched. It’s crucial to rotate your crew according to these bonuses to maximize gains.

Weather Conditions

  • Impact on Rewards: Weather changes can affect the reward probability:
    • Sunny: +5% other rewards
    • Overcast: No change
    • Downpour: -2%
    • Windy: -3%

Strategies for Optimizing Rewards

Utilizing Bonus Immortals

  • Bonus Rewards: Deploying bonus immortals can significantly increase the likelihood of obtaining rare and other rewards.
  • Regular Checks: Always check for updates on the bonus immortals and adjust your crew accordingly to ensure you are receiving the optimal bonuses.

Immortal Levels and Star Ratings

  • Reward Boosts Based on Crew Quality: The level and star rating of your immortals can improve your drop rates:
    • Basic threshold: 5 immortals at minimum level 1 and star level 1 for a 3% bonus.
    • Higher thresholds: Increase in increments as your ship levels up and allows more immortals on board, with the highest being 16 immortals at level 60 and star level 8 for a 25% bonus.

Thresholds (bonus applies to both rare and other):
3% bonus: 5 immortals at min. level 1 and at star level min. 1 .
5% bonus: 6 immortals at min. level 10 and at star level min. 1 .
7% bonus: 7 immortals at min. level 15 and at star level min. 1 .
9% bonus: 8 immortals at min. level 20 and at star level min. 2
11% bonus: 9 immortals at min. level 25 and at star level min. 3
13% bonus: 10 immortals at min. level 30 and at star level min. 4.
15% bonus: 11 immortals at min. level 35 and at star level min. 5.
17% bonus: 12 immortals at min. level 40 and at star level min. 6.
19% bonus: 13 immortals at min. level 45 and at star level min. 7.
21% bonus: 14 immortals at min. level 50 and at star level min. 7.
23% bonus: 15 immortals at min. level 55 and at star level min. 8.
25% bonus: 16 immortals at min. level 60 and at star level min. 8.

Ship Leveling and Crew Slots

  • Expanding Crew Capacity: As your ship levels up, you gain additional slots for crew members:
    • Level 10: 6 slots
    • Level 15: 7 slots
    • Continue in increments of 5 levels for each additional slot.
  • Maintaining Crew Quality: Ensure all crew members meet or exceed the minimum level and star requirements corresponding to your ship’s level to maximize reward bonuses.

Rewards and Progression

  • Early Rewards: Initial levels yield speedups, gold, resources, and Random Immortal Fragments, which summon an Epic immortal of a random element.
  • Progressive Enhancement: Rewards improve as the ship levels up, emphasizing the importance of continuously upgrading and managing your crew effectively.


The new Harbour feature in Infinity Kingdom offers a dynamic way to engage with the game, providing continuous rewards while demanding strategic management of your crew and their assignments. By effectively utilizing the rotating immortal bonuses, adapting to weather conditions, and strategically leveling your ship and crew, you can maximize your gains from this feature. Stay tuned for future updates as more insights become available on later-tier rewards. Keep your crew prepared and ready to set sail on profitable adventures in the ever-expanding seas of Norheim!

Published: 23-04-2024