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Golden Path Rewards Overview (Free

Player Guide: Understanding Rewards in the Golden Path Event of Infinity Kingdom

The Golden Path event in Infinity Kingdom offers a wealth of rewards that can significantly boost your progress and strategic options within the game. This guide provides an overview of the rewards available in the Golden Path, helping players decide whether investing in the Medallion for additional benefits is worthwhile. Special thanks to player Storben for compiling and sharing this valuable information with the community.

Overview of Golden Path Rewards

The rewards from the Golden Path are divided into two categories: Free Pass Rewards and Medallion Rewards. Each set offers unique benefits that cater to different levels of player investment.

Golden Path Medallion Rewards (Paid Tier)

Purchasing the Medallion enhances your reward potential significantly. Here’s what you can expect to receive:

  • 200 Merit Coins: Useful for purchasing items in the merit shop.
  • 27 Philosopher’s Stones: Enough for 3 full immortal summons, either gold or purple quality.
  • 60 Random Epic Immortal Shards: Grants one unrestricted summon from the basic elements.
  • 60 Artifact Selection Chests: Each chest allows a selection of an Elemental Artifact, assumed to be unrestricted.
  • 2 Philosopher’s Offers: Special offers allowing further immortal enhancements.
  • 60 Immortal Selection III Chests: Choose from a selection of KvK immortals.
  • 6x 500k Basic Resources: Includes wood, iron, food, and stone.
  • 6x All Non-Transmuting Speedups 3h: Covers technology, training, healing, building, and universal applications.
  • 3x All Production Buffs 8h: Enhancements for wood, stone, iron, food, gold, and gathering.
  • 3x All Combat Buffs 1h: Includes buffs for dodge, critical hits, damage up, and damage reduction.
  • Merit Chest + 10 Merit Coins: Additional rewards for each level beyond 50.

Golden Path Free Pass Rewards

Even without purchasing the Medallion, players can access a substantial set of rewards:

  • 100 Merit Coins: A solid boost for buying merit shop items.
  • 60 Random Epic Immortal Shards: Provides one unrestricted elemental summon.
  • 15x All Non-Transmuting Speedup 30m: Useful for various development activities.
  • 15x Resource 100k: Includes essential resources like wood, food, iron, and stone.
  • 15x 20k Gold: Critical for training and upgrades.

Is the Medallion Worth It?

Evaluating the Benefits

  • Enhanced Resource Acquisition: The Medallion significantly increases the quantity of resources and speedups, accelerating your kingdom’s development.
  • Access to Premium Rewards: The availability of Epic Immortal Shards, Artifact Selection Chests, and special philosopher’s offers can greatly enhance your strategic options.
  • Boost in Game Progression: The comprehensive buffs and utility items provided can help in both PvE and PvP scenarios, giving Medallion holders an edge in various aspects of the game.

Strategic Considerations

  • Cost vs. Benefit: Evaluate whether the cost of the Medallion aligns with your budget and gaming goals. Consider the immediate impact on your gameplay and long-term benefits.
  • Current Needs: If your current focus is on expanding your immortal roster or enhancing specific gameplay areas (like combat or resource production), the Medallion can offer targeted advantages. At 5$ the simple Medallion provides you A LOT of value if you are grinding the daily quests every single day (as you should). I would recommend growing players who rely on some of the Immortals included in the Medallion rewards, to spend the 5$. If you do not need any of these Immortals or Artifacts, the value is still good in terms of raw materials and namely Purple Crystals, but not nearly as much ofcourse.


The Golden Path event provides an array of rewards that cater to both free players and those willing to invest a little more into the game. By understanding the specifics of what each tier offers, players can make informed decisions on their investments and strategically enhance their experience in Infinity Kingdom. Whether or not to purchase the Medallion should be based on your individual gameplay style, strategic needs, and budgetary considerations.

Published: 24-04-2024