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Crimson Moonlight on sale

Alright, let’s dive into the world of Infinity Kingdom and particularly focus on the Deep Sea Merchant and the Crimson Moonlight. Imagine this like a casual chat between friends who are both passionate about the game.


So, the Deep Sea Eye Merchant in Infinity Kingdom is this cool feature that rolls around every weekend. It’s like a special event where you can get your hands on exclusive items like Crimson Moonlight, Stardust, and more. The catch? It’s only there from Saturday to Monday each weekend, and the prices for items go up with each purchase.

What is Crimson Moonlight and Why is it Important?

Crimson Moonlight is this super important item for leveling up the portraits of Chaos immortals. Think of it as a key to boosting your immortals’ powers and making them more formidable. It’s one of the main attractions at the Deep Sea Merchant, and players often aim to snag it whenever they can.

Cost of Crimson Moonlight at the Deep Sea Merchant

Here’s where it gets interesting. The merchant sells Crimson Moonlight in sets of four. The starting price is 1,600 gems per set, but this increases exponentially, reaching up to 6,000 gems for the last set. If you’re planning to buy all ten sets available each weekend, it’ll cost you a total of 32,400 gems for a total 40x Crimson Moonlights. That’s a hefty price, but considering it’s one of the few ways to get Crimson Moonlight in-game without resorting to the Pinball event, it might be worth it for serious players. Just remember, the cost almost triples from the fifth to the tenth set, so plan your purchases carefully.


Crimson Moonlight and Stardust are like the crown jewels at the Deep Sea Merchant. They’re crucial for leveling up your immortals but come at a premium. The trick is to balance what you need versus what you can afford. And since the merchant visits every weekend, there’s always another chance to stock up, so no need to blow all your gems in one go. Remember, patience can be a strategy too!

And that’s pretty much the lowdown on the Deep Sea Merchant and the coveted Crimson Moonlight in Infinity Kingdom. Keep an eye on your gem count and happy gaming!

Published: 16-01-2024