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Power impact T7 to T8 (lvl 55)

Unleashing the Power: Exploring the Troop Tier 8 Upgrade in Infinity Kingdom

The ever-evolving world of Infinity Kingdom continues to push the boundaries of power and strategy. With the introduction of Troop Tier 8, players unlock a new level of strength and resilience in their armies. In this article, we delve into the significance of the Tier 8 upgrade, highlighting its power-boosting effects and providing valuable insights into the attribute values associated with each troop tier.

Unlocking the Power of Troop Tier 8

Troop Tier 8 becomes accessible to players as they reach the pinnacle of progression in the game – Barracks level 55. As the highest available level, it signifies a significant milestone and grants players access to Tier 8 troops, which boast higher attribute values compared to their Tier 7 counterparts.

Understanding the Power Boost: Many players wonder how substantial the power increase is with the introduction of Tier 8 troops. To provide a rough estimation, upgrading all troop types to Tier 8 results in an overall increase of around 5,000 Strategic Troop Power (STP) per troop type, equating to a total of approximately 20,000-22,000 STP across all troop types.

Real-World Example, Elboran’s Power Surge: To put the Tier 8 upgrade’s power boost into perspective, let’s examine the experience of player Elboran, who was among the first to reach Tier 8. By upgrading only their Cavalry troops to Tier 8, Elboran’s STP increased from 509,000 to 514,500. This demonstrates a significant leap in power, underscoring the impact of Tier 8 on overall army strength.

Comparing Previous Tier Jumps

When assessing the Tier 8 upgrade, it’s useful to compare it to the power gains achieved through previous troop tier advancements. The following table provides an overview of the attribute values for each tier:


With the arrival of Troop Tier 8 in Infinity Kingdom, players can expect a significant power boost for their armies. Unlocking Tier 8 troops at Barracks level 55 introduces higher attribute values, enhancing the overall strength and resilience of the forces. While the precise power gain may vary based on troop types and individual strategies, a rough estimation suggests an increase of around 5,000 STP per troop type, resulting in an impressive total boost of approximately 20,000-22,000 STP across all troop types. As players continue to advance and conquer in the realm of Infinity Kingdom, embracing the power of Tier 8 becomes a crucial step toward dominion and victory.

Published: 19-07-2023