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Cost of Maxing Stardust for portrait levels

Stardust Mastery: A Guide to Maximizing Gains from the Deep Sea Merchant

Unlocking the true potential of your Immortals lies in the power of Stardust—a precious resource crucial for upgrading portrait levels and amplifying your army’s offensive prowess. In this guide, we will explore the strategic art of maximizing Stardust gains from the Deep Sea Merchant, helping you bolster your kingdom’s strength with efficient gem investments.

1. Understanding the Importance of Stardust:

Stardust plays a pivotal role in the journey to maximize your Immortal’s power. Upgrading portrait levels unveils powerful 5% damage boosts and enhances offensive capacities significantly. Before delving into the Deep Sea Merchant’s Stardust bundles, familiarize yourself with the impact of portrait levels on your Immortals by referencing detailed guides available.

2. Deep Sea Stardust Bundles:

Each week, the Deep Sea Merchant offers commanders the chance to purchase Stardust bundles. These bundles consist of 10 packages, each containing 7 Stardust. While the rewards are bountiful, the gem cost escalates with each subsequent purchase. The key is to strategically invest your gems to maximize Stardust gains without draining your precious resources.

3. Gem Costs and Stardust Returns:

Let’s break down the costs and returns associated with each Stardust bundle:

  1. 560 Gems: The initial investment, offering a cost-effective way to kickstart your Stardust collection.
  2. 630 Gems: A slight increase in cost, maintaining a reasonable balance between investment and return.
  3. 700 Gems: Continuing the trend, the cost rises gradually, ensuring you can progress without excessive expenditures.
  4. 840 Gems: As the costs increase, evaluate your gem reserves and consider whether the benefits outweigh the expense.
  5. 980 Gems: A step further in cost, reinforcing the need for careful consideration in your purchasing strategy.
  6. 1120 Gems: Approaching the higher tiers, weigh the value of the investment against your gem budget.
  7. 1260 Gems: A notable increase in cost, prompting commanders to assess their gem priorities.
  8. 1400 Gems: A substantial investment, requiring a strategic approach to maintain gem sustainability.
  9. 1750 Gems: Nearing the upper limit, evaluate your gem reserves and balance Stardust gains with other priorities.
  10. 2100 Gems: The highest tier, offering a significant return but demanding a careful assessment of your gem allocation.

Total Stardust Return: 70 Stardust

4. Strategic Considerations:

A. Gem Abundance:

If you find yourself with an abundance of gems, consider investing in the higher tiers for efficient Stardust gains.

B. Gem Struggles:

For commanders struggling with gem upkeep, prioritize the cheaper tiers to maintain a steady influx of Stardust without compromising overall gem management.

5. Conclusion:

Maximizing Stardust gains from the Deep Sea Merchant requires a delicate balance between gem investment and strategic planning. Whether you opt for the cost-effective lower tiers or embark on the gem-intensive higher tiers, the ultimate goal is to enhance your Immortals and fortify your kingdom’s offensive capabilities. Sail the seas wisely, commanders, and may your Stardust endeavors lead your kingdom to greater heights!

Published: 26-12-2023