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Berserker in the 5-day bundles

Player Guide: Maximizing the “Berserker” Skill with the New 5-Day Bundle in Infinity Kingdom

The addition of the “Berserker” skill to the 5-day bundles in Infinity Kingdom opens up new strategic avenues for players aiming to enhance their physical damage dealers’ prowess on the battlefield. At $100 for 50 skill stones, this bundle provides a straightforward path to acquiring and maximizing one of the most impactful skills available in the game.

Understanding “Berserker”

Skill Mechanics

“Berserker” skill offers a potent combination of increased physical damage (25%) and attack speed (25%), at the cost of reducing energy regeneration speed by 75% and disabling the activation of Trigger type skills.

Strategic Implications

While the reduction in energy regeneration and the incompatibility with Trigger type skills might seem like a drawback, the skill’s design naturally steers players towards a focus on passive skills that thrive on high attack speed, such as “Combo” and “Cleave.”

Leveraging “Berserker” in Your Lineup

Ideal Immortal Pairings

  • Alexander the Great and Hannibal: When equipped with unique artifacts, these immortals become particularly formidable with “Berserker.” Their innate combat capabilities, further boosted by the skill’s enhancements to physical damage and attack speed, make them standout choices.

Complementary Skills

  • Passive Skills Focus: Given “Berserker’s” restrictions, leaning into passive skills that benefit from or contribute to increased attack speed and physical damage is crucial. “Combo” and “Cleave” emerge as prime candidates, synergizing well with “Berserker” to elevate your immortals’ efficiency in combat.

Acquisition Strategy

The 5-Day Bundle

The structured release of “Berserker” skill stones through the 5-day bundle presents a clear acquisition path. With a total cost of $100 for 50 skill stones, planning your purchases to coincide with this offer is key to optimizing your investment.

Tactical Considerations

  • Energy Regeneration Trade-off: Be mindful of the energy regeneration reduction. This aspect of “Berserker” necessitates a strategic approach to skill selection, ensuring your lineup can still function effectively despite slower energy gains.
  • Maximizing Attack Speed Benefits: Incorporate equipment and artifact selections that further boost your chosen immortals’ attack speed and physical damage, leveraging “Berserker’s” strengths to the fullest.
  • Adapting to Trigger Skill Restrictions: Adjust your strategy to account for the inability to use Trigger type skills. This may involve reevaluating your usual immortal skill setups to ensure coherence with “Berserker’s” mechanics.


The “Berserker” skill, accessible through the new 5-day bundle, offers a powerful boost to physical damage dealers in Infinity Kingdom, particularly when combined with strategic skill and immortal pairings. By focusing on passive skills that benefit from increased attack speed and physical damage, players can circumvent the limitations imposed by “Berserker” and unleash the full potential of their combatants. Embrace this opportunity to refine your lineup with “Berserker,” steering your immortals towards unmatched battlefield dominance.

Published: 30-03-2024