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Stormeye in the 5-day bundle

Guide to the New Stormeye Bundle in Infinity Kingdom

Hey there, Infinity Kingdom enthusiasts! There’s an exciting new 5-day bundle in town, featuring the Stormeye skill. Let’s break down what this bundle offers and how you can make the most of it.

What’s on Offer

  • Daily Stormeye Stones: For five consecutive days, you have the opportunity to purchase 5 Stormeye stones per day. Each daily bundle costs $20.
  • 5-Day Cumulative Reward: If you purchase the daily bundle for all five days, you’ll unlock an additional reward of 25 Stormeye fragments. That’s not all – you also get 25 earth artifact fragment chests. These chests are super valuable as they let you choose from any of the Earth Immortal Unique Artifacts.

What is Stormeye?

  • Strategic Advantage: Stormeye is a coveted skill in the game, known for its prowess in battles. It deals high amounts of magical damage – especially if you can activate it’s bonus damage and hit while the enemy is rooted with e.g. Fighting Will.
  • Boosting Earth Immortals: The earth artifact fragment chests are particularly beneficial for players focusing on strengthening their Earth Immortals. These unique artifacts can significantly enhance your Immortal’s capabilities.

Investment Consideration

  • Worth it? It is my personal opinion that Stormeye is a fine skill, but it is not worth spending money on. You have more powerful magical skills available in Spell Disintegration, Concentration, Annihilation, Chase, etc. hence you are going to use Stormeye most likely in your third march. I would not spend to build a third march like that but rather focus on getting more Triss skills or something else instead while you get Stormeye for free in Legion of Frostborne. Each daily bundle costs $20, so you’re looking at a total investment of $100 over five days. It’s essential to weigh this against the benefits of the Stormeye skill and the unique Earth artifacts.
  • Long-term Benefits: While the upfront cost is significant, the long-term benefits, especially for competitive players, can be substantial. Consider how the Stormeye skill and the unique artifacts align with your current strategy and goals in the game.

The new Stormeye 5-day bundle in Infinity Kingdom is an enticing offer, especially for players aiming to elevate their gameplay with strategic skills and powerful artifacts. While the investment is noteworthy, the potential gains will most likely not equate the cost of this. As always, balance your budget with your in-game objectives, and happy gaming!

Published: 16-01-2024