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Victorious Pursuit in the 5-day bundles

Unlocking and Maximizing “Victorious Pursuit” via the New 5-Day Bundle in Infinity Kingdom

“Victorious Pursuit,” a skill previously exclusive to the Legion of Frostborne event, has now been made accessible through a new 5-day bundle, offering a unique opportunity for players to accelerate their acquisition of this powerful skill. This guide will navigate you through the process of obtaining “Victorious Pursuit,” its mechanics, optimal usage, and strategies to leverage its full potential.

How to Obtain “Victorious Pursuit”

Legion of Frostborne

Traditionally, “Victorious Pursuit” could be obtained by participating in the Legion of Frostborne event, requiring players to collect skill stones through event participation.

The 5-Day Bundle Option

For those looking to expedite the skill acquisition or short on required stones, the new 5-day bundle presents an appealing alternative:

  • Offer Details: For $20 per day, players can purchase a bundle that includes 5 skill stones.
  • Bonus Reward: Upon purchasing all five $20 bundles (totaling $100), players receive an additional 25 skill stones.
  • Total Acquisition: Over the five days, players can obtain 50 skill stones towards the 60 needed to unlock “Victorious Pursuit.”
  • Supplementary Acquisition: The remaining stones can be conveniently obtained in Kingdom vs Kingdom (KvK) events or subsequent participations in Legion of Frostborne.

Skill Mechanics and Usage

“Victorious Pursuit” enhances your Immortals’ battlefield prowess by increasing damage dealt with each instance of ultimate skill damage:

  • Skill Effect: A 5% increase in damage for 4 seconds after each ultimate skill damage instance, stackable up to 10 times.
  • Optimal Conditions: The skill shines brightest with Immortals like Manco, whose ultimate skill delivers continuous AoE damage, allowing for rapid stacking and sustained buffs.

Synergy with High-Frequency Ultimates

  • Hippolyta Example: With her unique artifact, Hippolyta’s ultimate can hit 7 times, translating into a 35% damage increase. However, maintaining this buff is contingent on rapid subsequent casts.
  • Manco’s Advantage: Manco uniquely benefits from “Victorious Pursuit” due to his ultimate’s nature, ensuring near-constant buff presence and full stack maintenance.

Potential with Corrosive Power

The introduction of “Corrosive Power” opens the possibility of achieving high enough energy regeneration (when combined with skills like “Energy Burst”) to maintain “Victorious Pursuit” buffs with Immortals like Hippolyta or Tutankhamon, potentially maximizing the skill’s effectiveness.

Strategic Considerations

Evaluating Against Flat Bonus Skills

When integrating “Victorious Pursuit” into your strategy, it’s crucial to assess its effectiveness in maintaining at least a 30% damage increase through stack management. If maintaining such stacks proves challenging, reverting to passive skills like “Anger” or “Concentration,” which offer consistent flat damage bonuses, may be more beneficial.

Team Composition and Skill Synergy

Building a team that capitalizes on “Victorious Pursuit” involves selecting Immortals with rapid, high-frequency ultimates or enhancing energy regeneration to ensure the continuous application and stacking of the skill’s buff.


The introduction of the 5-day bundle for “Victorious Pursuit” skill stones significantly lowers the barrier for players to unlock and utilize this powerful skill, offering new strategic depth and damage amplification possibilities. By carefully selecting Immortals that synergize with “Victorious Pursuit” and strategically managing skill stacks, players can unleash unprecedented damage levels on the battlefield. As always, it’s essential to weigh this skill’s dynamic benefits against the consistent output of flat bonus skills, ensuring your Immortals’ lineup is optimized for victory.

Published: 09-03-2024