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Weakness Protection 5-day bundle

Player Guide: Mastering the 5-Day Bundle for Weakness Protection in Infinity Kingdom

It is finally here again! Players have been asking me for months “Where is Weakness Protection?” and “How do we get this skill?”. The answers have been “You cannot”.. but no more! The skill has finally made a comeback in Infinity Kingdom and is now awailable in the 5-day bundle structure of the in-game shop.

In Infinity Kingdom, strategic use of skills can dramatically shift the tides of battle. The Weakness Protection skill is a prime example, offering significant early battle damage mitigation. Understanding how to efficiently acquire this skill through the 5-day bundles is crucial for optimizing both your strategy and your spending.

Overview of the 5-Day Bundle

Bundle Structure: The 5-day bundle is designed to provide players with an opportunity to acquire the Weakness Protection skill stones through consistent daily purchases:

  • Daily Cost: $20 per day.
  • Daily Reward: 5 skill stones per day.

Total Investment for Maximum Reward: To maximize the value of your investment, it’s essential to purchase the bundle for five consecutive days within the same event window. This strategy leverages the bonus structure effectively:

  • Total Cost for 5 Days: $100.
  • Total Skill Stones Gained in 5 Days: 50 (25 from daily purchases + 25 bonus for completing the 5-day streak).

This approach ensures that you gather enough stones to significantly level up the Weakness Protection skill, making it a formidable asset in your arsenal.

Strategic Purchasing Tips

Planning Your Purchases:

  • Full Event Participation: If you start purchasing at the beginning of the 5-day event, ensure you commit to all five days to secure the 25-stone bonus, effectively doubling your stone acquisition for the last $20 spent.
  • Late Event Strategy: If the event is already underway and fewer than five days remain, consider purchasing enough to make up the remainder in the next event. This ensures you don’t miss out on the valuable 25-stone bonus.

Cost Efficiency: The structure of the bundle is designed to reward consistent participation. Spending $100 over five days yields significantly more value than sporadic purchases due to the bonus mechanism. If you find yourself needing just 10 more stones after obtaining the initial 50, wait for the next event and purchase just two days’ worth of bundles to minimize excess spending.

Long-Term Strategy

Utilizing Excess Stones: If you acquire more stones than needed to maximize the Weakness Protection skill:

  • Cinder Conversion: Excess skill stones can be sold for Cinders in the Triss shop, providing you currency to purchase other valuable items or skills that may be crucial for different aspects of your game strategy.

Event Recurrence: Keep in mind that these 5-day bundles recur periodically. Monitoring the game’s event calendar will allow you to plan your purchases and ensure you’re always ready to capitalize on the opportunity to enhance your skill arsenal effectively.

Is it any good?

Skill Mechanics: Weakness Protection offers a significant reduction in both physical and magical damage received by the weakest units on your team:

  • Effect: Reduces damage received by 60% for the first 12 seconds of battle.
  • Target: Automatically applies to the ally with the lowest physical and magical defense respectively.

This skill is crucial for mitigating the impact of high-damage burst attacks at the start of the battle, providing your team with a much-needed buffer to stabilize and counterattack.

This is a Grace skill, meaning that it works for the first 12 seconds of the fight only. This is important to understand as a player, since seeing massive 60% reduced damage taken is incredibly high! But that insane defense comes at a cost – it only works for 12 seconds.

What that means it that this is an excellent skill to defend against enemies that deal a lot of damage right out of the gates (e.g. hybrids or bursty fire setups). However, in builds that center around No Escape and Weakening Curse, this skill would not have great effect since you are already limiting your enemy in pretty much doing anything in the beginning of the fight.

Read more about the skill here.


The 5-day bundle for acquiring Weakness Protection skill stones offers a structured and predictable way to enhance your defensive capabilities in Infinity Kingdom. By understanding and planning your participation in these events, you can ensure maximum return on your investment, both in terms of skill enhancement and overall game progression. Remember, consistency in participation not only secures you the needed skill stones but also maximizes your strategic options in deploying this powerful defensive skill.

Published: 07-06-2024