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Weakness Protection

Player Guide: Mastering Weakness Protection in Infinity Kingdom

Weakness Protection is a unique Tower of Knowledge skill in Infinity Kingdom, specifically designed to bolster the defenses of your immortals at the onset of battle. This guide will delve into the nuances of utilizing Weakness Protection effectively, ensuring your frontline can withstand initial bursts of enemy attacks.

Skill Mechanics

Weakness Protection dramatically reduces both physical and magical damage received by the allied units with the lowest defenses:

  • Effect: Reduces physical and magical damage received by 60%.
  • Duration: Effective for the first 12 seconds of battle.
  • Target: Applied to the allied unit with the lowest physical defense and the one with the lowest magical defense.

The grace period of 12 seconds is pivotal; this skill is designed to provide a significant, albeit temporary, defensive boost against early heavy hitters, such as burst fire setups or hybrid attacks. This makes it an excellent choice for countering teams that aim to overwhelm their opponents right from the start.

Strategic Implementation

Choosing the Right Immortal: Weakness Protection is most beneficial on support immortals who aren’t primarily healers. This includes:

  • Supporters: Immortals like Mathilda, Tomyris, or Cyrus benefit from this skill as it enhances their survivability without compromising the effectiveness of their support abilities.
  • Non-Healer Supports: The skill is particularly effective on supports that do not rely heavily on healing, as they can spare the skill slot without sacrificing essential healing or damage capabilities.

When to Use:

  • Against Burst Damage: Ideal in battles against teams known for their strong initial attacks. It provides your team a crucial window to withstand the initial onslaught and stabilize.
  • Complementary Strategies: This skill pairs well with defensive setups but should be used cautiously with control-heavy strategies like No Escape or Weakening Curse, as its benefits might overlap or be underutilized if the enemy is already significantly debilitated early on.

Acquisition of Weakness Protection

Originally available through the Triss event, Weakness Protection had been out of reach for many players due to event rotations and updates. However, it has recently been reintroduced through the 5-day bundles:

  • Availability: Can now be obtained from 5-day bundles in the game.
  • Investment Required: Players need to participate in at least two rounds of these bundles to collect the 60 skill stones required for maximizing the skill.

Practical Tips

  • Build Synergy: Integrate this skill into a balanced team setup where its protective benefits can be maximized without redundancy. Avoid stacking too many defensive or control skills that might diminish its value. For instance, No Escape and Weakening Curse will render the enemy unable to do.. well anything.. so you would get very little value from the massive defense for 12 seconds.
  • Event Participation: Keep an eye on bundle events to complete your skill stone collection, ensuring you can fully upgrade Weakness Protection for optimal effectiveness.


Weakness Protection offers a powerful defensive tool for the critical opening moments of combat in Infinity Kingdom. When used judiciously, it can turn the tide of battle by protecting your most vulnerable immortals from early elimination. By understanding the strategic contexts in which this skill excels, you can enhance your team’s resilience and maintain a competitive edge in your battlefield encounters.

Published: 06-06-2024