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Oaken Guard

Comprehensive Player’s Guide to “Oaken Guard” in Infinity Kingdom

Hey fellow Infinity Kingdom gamer! Let’s talk about one of the coolest skills in the game – “Oaken Guard.” It’s not just another skill; it’s a game-changer in the current physical-centric meta. Ready to learn why? Here we go!

Understanding the Power of “Oaken Guard”

The Ideal Defense Against Physical Attacks

“Oaken Guard” is essentially your virtual shield in the game. What makes it so awesome? This skill reduces all physical damage taken for the first 18 seconds of a fight. Considering how common physical attacks are in the game, this skill is incredibly powerful. Imagine if my enemy has oaken guard active in the above fight. Dealing 48 million physical damage in 34 seconds, for simplicity say we deal the same DPS throughout the fight (we deal a bit more with graces early, but then more later with execute, so let’s call it even). That is around 24 million damage dealt in the first 18 seconds meaning my enemy could have “shielded” themselves for 12 million damage with Oaken Guard. That is insane value for a single ToK skill and very well explains the core value proposition of this skill: Physical defense against quick burst front-loaded physical damage.

A Versatile Shield Against Various Setups

The skill is obviously amazing versus Hybrids, but it is very strong against all of the physical damage setups, e.g.:

  1. Seon Fire Teams: It shines against Seon’s fiery assaults, turning their intense attacks into mere sparks.
  2. Khan’s Lightning Burst: Against Khan’s lightning, “Oaken Guard” acts like a buffer, significantly reducing the impact of these attacks.
  3. Alexander’s Earth Attacks: Facing earth-shattering moves from Alexander? This skill helps absorb that frontloaded damage, keeping your team in the fight.
  4. Holy Physical Damage Dealers: It’s equally effective against holy teams that specialize in physical damage, acting as a divine shield.
  5. General Physical Setups: Overall, “Oaken Guard” is your go-to defense against almost every physical attack setup in the game.

The Limitation: Ineffectiveness Against Magic-Centric Setups

However, “Oaken Guard” has its Achilles’ heel – magic-centric teams. Against the likes of Wu Himiko or Hammurabi’s lightning, it offers little to no value. So, keep this in mind when you’re up against magic-heavy opponents.

Best Practices for Equipping “Oaken Guard”

Ideal for Utility or Support Immortals

This skill is a “grace effect,” meaning it benefits all your immortals, irrespective of their position. Hence, it’s best to equip it on a support or tank immortal. Here’s an example of “Oaken Guard” in action on both a tank and a support.

The Strategy of Placement

Since “Oaken Guard” impacts your entire team, placing it on a non-primary damage dealer (like a support or tank) is a smart move. This allows you to maximize your team’s overall performance without sacrificing offensive capabilities.

Wrapping It Up

“Oaken Guard” is a stellar skill in Infinity Kingdom, especially valuable in the current physical attack-dominated meta. It’s your shield against a variety of physical attacks, making it a must-have in most battles. However, remember to switch strategies against magic-centric teams or chaos Loki builds.

Use this guide to harness the full potential of “Oaken Guard” in your battles. Equip it wisely, and let it be your shield against the fiercest of enemies!

Published: 24-01-2024