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Poison Thorn

Guide to “Poison Thorn” Skill in the Tower of Knowledge (Infinity Kingdom Patch 2.6)

The “Poison Thorn” skill, introduced in Patch 2.6 of Infinity Kingdom, is a remarkable addition to the Tower of Knowledge. This skill empowers magical damage-dealing Immortals to not only inflict more damage but also apply a healing-dampening effect to the enemy. In this guide, we’ll delve into the mechanics and strategic advantages of the “Poison Thorn” skill.

Key Features of “Poison Thorn”

1. Universal Healing Reduction:

“Poison Thorn” marks a significant advancement in Infinity Kingdom as it introduces a healing reduction effect that can be applied by any magical damage-dealing Immortal. This extends the utility of healing reduction beyond just Genghis Khan and Emperor Qin, allowing a broader range of Immortals to contribute to your strategy.

2. Targeting the Most Dangerous:

One of the standout features of “Poison Thorn” is its unique targeting mechanism. Instead of randomly selecting an enemy to deal damage and apply the healing dampening effect, it specifically targets the enemy with the highest physical attack. This tactical approach ensures that the enemy taking the damage and receiving the dampening debuff will almost always be the most formidable physical damage dealer on the opposing side.

Strategic Advantages of “Poison Thorn”

1. Troop Reduction on Key Targets:

The ability to consistently target the enemy with the highest physical attack is a game-changer. It enables you to focus your damage and healing reduction on the opponent you most want to weaken. By reducing the troops of the most dangerous enemy, you can disrupt their offensive capabilities and tilt the battle in your favor.

2. Optimized Damage Output:

“Poison Thorn” not only serves as a healing reduction tool but also amplifies the damage output of magical Immortals. This dual functionality makes it a versatile and invaluable skill in battles where healing reduction and damage are paramount.

3. Strategic Synergy:

Consider pairing Immortals with the “Poison Thorn” skill with those who can capitalize on the weakened enemies. Combining it with crowd control Immortals or those with AoE (Area of Effect) damage can result in devastating effects, as it ensures the right enemies are softened up for maximum impact.


“Poison Thorn” is a groundbreaking addition to the Tower of Knowledge in Infinity Kingdom. Its capacity to reduce healing on key targets while enhancing magical damage output cannot be understated. The skill’s unique targeting mechanism, honing in on the most dangerous physical damage dealer, makes it an essential choice for any magical Immortal.

Incorporate “Poison Thorn” into your Immortal lineup strategically to gain a significant advantage in battles, whether against formidable opponents or challenging PvE encounters. Mastering the utilization of this skill will undoubtedly elevate your gameplay and provide an edge in the ever-evolving world of Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 29-08-2023