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Testing: Anger versus Duel Master (damage output comparison)

Anger vs. Duel Master: A Comparative Guide in Infinity Kingdom

Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of Infinity Kingdom, understanding the nuances of Tower of Knowledge skills is paramount for strategizing and ensuring your immortals reach their peak performance. Two skills often at the center of player discussions are Anger and Duel Master. Both are pivotal for physical damage dealers, but their applications and outcomes differ significantly. This guide delves into these differences, backed by testing, to help you make informed decisions on which skill better suits your strategy.

Skill Overviews:

  • Anger: This skill is straightforward in its application, offering a flat 30% increase in physical damage dealt by an immortal. The simplicity and directness of this boost make it an attractive option for players looking to enhance their damage output without complications.
  • Duel Master: This skill takes a more complex approach, providing a 50% increase to the physical attack attribute. However, since the physical attack is just one component of the damage equation, a 50% boost in this attribute does not translate directly to a 50% increase in damage dealt. Additionally, Duel Master includes a crucial utility effect: wounds-immunity, which is invaluable for maintaining troop counts against formidable opponents like Khan or Qin.

Methodology and Testing Results: The comparative analysis was conducted using Alexander with a 5.4K physical attack attribute, pitted against Charles in the training grounds.

The setup ensured a controlled environment to measure the effects of Anger and Duel Master accurately. With Anger and then Duel Master, paired with Blessing of Speed and Berserk aura, Alexander’s performance was meticulously recorded over 15 attacks for each skill.


  • With Anger, the average normal attack damage was 235,775.4.
  • With Duel Master, the average normal attack damage increased to 240,954.0.

Surprisingly, the results showcased that Duel Master provided a higher damage output than Anger. This outcome indicates that Duel Master not only boosts physical attack more effectively but also surpasses Anger in terms of increasing overall damage at higher physical attack attribute values. Additionally, the wounds-immunity offered by Duel Master presents a significant tactical advantage, especially in high-stake battles where troop preservation is crucial.

Conclusion: The comparative analysis between Anger and Duel Master reveals a pivotal insight: Duel Master emerges as the superior skill in endgame scenarios where physical attack attributes are significantly high (around 5-5.4K). Not only does it offer a slight edge in damage output, but it also provides the invaluable benefit of wounds-immunity, making it a two-fold boon for any immortal equipped with it.

For players navigating the intricate choices of skill assignments in Infinity Kingdom, this guide underscores the importance of considering your immortals’ attribute levels and the specific challenges you face on the battlefield. While Anger offers simplicity and a reliable damage boost, Duel Master’s nuanced benefits and tactical advantages make it a compelling choice for those equipped to harness its full potential. The effects of Duel Master and Anger on other Tower of Knowledge skills has not been investigated in this guide, and while I expect a similar result, IK can sometimes surprise us in how mechanics actually work. I hope someone (if anyone gets this far into the article) will continue this testing and expand to include the comparative effects of these two skills on other tower of knowledge skills and other Immortals.

Published: 03-04-2024