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Toxin and Fire Nova (underrated magic skills)

Player Guide: Mastering Toxin Nova and Fire Nova in Infinity Kingdom

In the sprawling battlefield of Infinity Kingdom, the Tower of Knowledge skills Toxin Nova and Fire Nova often go unnoticed among the array of flashy and high-profile skills. However, these magic damage dealer skills are not only accessible to all players but also provide a surprisingly robust damage output that can enhance your strategic gameplay significantly.

Skill Overview

Toxin Nova and Fire Nova share the same fundamental mechanics, with the only distinction being the type of damage over time (DoT) effect they apply—Toxin Nova inflicts Poison, and Fire Nova inflicts Burn. These skills are described as follows:

  • Official Skill Description: “Every 6 seconds after battle starts, has a 50% chance of causing Magical Damage (175%) to 3 random enemy units and also inflicting a damage over time effect for 6 seconds dealing Magical Damage to the targets for 75% once every 3 seconds.”

Analyzing the Damage Output

Despite their simplicity, the damage efficiency of Toxin Nova and Fire Nova is quite notable. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Probability of Activation: Each skill has a 50% chance to trigger every 6 seconds.
  • Damage Calculation: Upon activation, these skills not only deal an immediate 175% magical damage but also add a DoT that totals 150% over 6 seconds (75% every 3 seconds).
  • Comparative DPS: This sums up to a whopping 325% damage per activation. Given the 50% trigger chance, the average DPS (Damage Per Second) contribution from these skills is approximately 81.25%.

This DPS is competitive, even surpassing several higher-tier skills like Stormeye (68.75% DPS), Spell Disintegration (62.5%), and Poison Thorn (55%). This demonstrates that both Toxin Nova and Fire Nova are not just filler skills; they are potent tools in their own right.

Strategic Deployment

Toxin Nova and Fire Nova are best utilized in teams that can capitalize on sustained damage throughout a fight. They are particularly effective in:

  • Magic-focused Teams: Complementing immortals with high magical output.
  • Control Teams: Pairing with control effects to maximize damage during enemy disable periods.
  • Synergy with Chase: Given that there are a lot of damage instances from both triggering effects and the damage over time effects, these skills pair well with Chase as the high number of damage instance will give you a good chance to land a critical hit quite frequently.

Note on Usage with Fire Dragon: Players using the Fire Dragon should opt for Toxin Nova to avoid overlapping Burn effects, which do not stack and might result in significantly reduced efficiency.

Acquisition and Utilization

Both skills are freely available and can be acquired without the need for special events or premium currency, making them accessible options for building out your fourth march or reinforcing your existing teams.


While Toxin Nova and Fire Nova might not carry the prestige of some higher-profile skills, their effectiveness in the right strategic setup cannot be understated. Their high potential DPS, coupled with the versatility in application, makes them worthy of consideration for any player looking to enhance their magical damage capabilities in Infinity Kingdom. Remember, the best arsenal is one that’s fully utilized—don’t overlook these gems hidden in plain sight.

Published: 10-06-2024