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Player’s Guide to “Resist” in Infinity Kingdom

Hello Infinity Kingdom aficionado! Today, we’re going to dive into the magical world of the “Resist” skill. Much like its counterpart “Oaken Guard,” “Resist” plays a critical role in your gameplay, especially in a magic-heavy meta. Let’s explore why “Resist” is a skill you definitely want to have in your arsenal.

Why “Resist” is Your Magical Shield

The Perfect Antidote to Magical Attacks

“Resist” is the magical equivalent of “Oaken Guard.” Instead of reducing physical damage, it cuts down magical damage taken. This makes it an invaluable asset in battles dominated by magical attacks.

The Ideal Counter for Bursty Magical Damage

  1. Water Merlin: Facing Merlin’s torrential water spells? “Resist” helps in significantly reducing the damage from these watery onslaughts.
  2. Fire Wu: Wu’s fiery magic can be overwhelming, but with “Resist,” you can stand your ground against these intense flames.
  3. Lightning Hammurabi: Against Hammurabi’s lightning attacks, “Resist” acts as your personal force field, absorbing much of the magical damage.

Wouldn’t it be great to make this Wu (see below) into a wet noodle for 18 seconds?

Doing so would save you around 11.5 million damage taken (uptime 37.5% of fight assuming equal damage distribution across the fight).

In a battlefield where magic reigns supreme, “Resist” is your strategic defense. It allows your team to sustain through heavy magical barrages, giving you an edge in prolonged encounters.

Best Practices for Equipping “Resist”

Ideal for Tanks and Supports

Since “Resist” is all about reducing incoming damage, it’s best utilized on tanks and supports. These characters are often the ones taking the brunt of magical attacks, so equipping them with “Resist” enhances their survivability.

Maximizing Team Efficiency

Equip “Resist” on a character who can survive longer in battle, ensuring the skill’s effect is utilized to its fullest. A tank or a support with “Resist” becomes a pivotal part of your defense against magic-focused teams.

When to Prioritize “Resist”

Given its specific use case, “Resist” is not always a must-have in every battle. However, in scenarios where you’re up against teams that deal heavy magical damage, “Resist” becomes an essential skill. It’s particularly effective in matchups where the enemy relies on bursty magical attacks to overpower their opponents.

Understanding Its Limitations

Less Effective Against Physical Attacks

Just like “Oaken Guard” is less effective against magic, “Resist” isn’t your go-to skill against physical-heavy teams. It’s crucial to evaluate your opponent’s composition and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Wrapping Up the Magic

To sum up, “Resist” is a powerful skill in your Infinity Kingdom toolkit, especially in magic-heavy environments. It’s your key to surviving and thriving against formidable magical foes like Water Merlin, Fire Wu, and Lightning Hammurabi.

Equip “Resist” wisely, and watch as your enemies’ magical barrages become less threatening. With the right strategy and use of “Resist,” you’re well on your way to magical dominance in Infinity Kingdom!

Published: 24-01-2024