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Siren’s Gaze

Mastering Siren’s Gaze: A Strategic Guide for Infinity Kingdom Players

Welcome to the deep dive into one of the most intriguing and tactical skills available in the Tower of Knowledge: Siren’s Gaze. Unlike the straightforward damage-dealing or damage-mitigating skills, Siren’s Gaze brings a layer of cunning strategy and battlefield control that can significantly sway the tide of battle in your favor. Let’s unravel the mechanics of this skill, its benefits, and how to synergize it for maximum effect in your lineup.

Understanding Siren’s Gaze

At its core, Siren’s Gaze is a skill that manipulates the battlefield dynamics in a subtle yet impactful way. With a 75% chance every 12 seconds, it taunts a random enemy backline immortal for 6 seconds, forcing them to target the immortal wielding Siren’s Gaze. This redirection of focus is not just about drawing fire; it’s about strategic manipulation of enemy actions.

The Power of Siren’s Shell

Activation of Siren’s Gaze automatically triggers the Siren’s Shell effect. During the taunt, any enemy that attacks the targeted immortal is silenced for 1 second. This silence is a potent control effect, preventing enemies from casting ultimate abilities and halting their energy regeneration. Considering that backline enemies often rely on their ultimates for significant impact, silencing them can severely cripple the enemy’s offensive capabilities.

Strategic Implementation of Siren’s Gaze

Choosing the Right Immortal: Siren’s Gaze shines brightest when equipped on an immortal that can withstand the increased attention, such as those with high durability or evasion rates. However, its unique synergy with damage output makes it especially appealing for damage-dealing immortals who can benefit from the taunt mechanic, like Khubilai Khan, William, or Ragnar.

Synergy with Toxin Barrier: Pairing Siren’s Gaze with Toxin Barrier creates a formidable combo. The taunt ensures that your immortal takes a significant number of hits, activating Toxin Barrier’s damage mechanism frequently. This setup is particularly effective on damage-dealing immortals, turning them into both a beacon for enemy attention and a source of relentless damage.

Tactical Tips for Siren’s Gaze

  • Positioning is Key: Place your Siren’s Gaze-equipped immortal strategically to maximize the number of enemies affected by the silence. Ideally, you want them positioned in such a way that they draw fire from both the taunted backline and the enemy frontline.
  • Timing Matters: Given its 12-second cycle, timing Siren’s Gaze with enemy ultimate abilities can disrupt their rhythm and reduce their effectiveness in battle.
  • Complementary Skills: Beyond Toxin Barrier, look for skills that either benefit from the increased attention your immortal will receive or that offer additional control and damage as enemies are drawn in and silenced.


Siren’s Gaze offers a unique approach to battlefield control, emphasizing strategic manipulation over brute force. By taunting enemy backline immortals and silencing attackers, this skill can disrupt enemy formations and ultimate ability usage, providing a significant advantage. When paired with the right skills and strategies, Siren’s Gaze can turn your immortal into a pivotal control piece in your lineup, capable of swinging battles in your favor with its cunning influence. Harness the power of Siren’s Gaze, and watch as your enemies fall silent before your strategic might.

Published: 27-02-2024