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Skills for Safeguarding Single Immortals

Fortify and Protect: Skills for Safeguarding Single Immortals

In the vast and unpredictable world of Infinity Kingdom, safeguarding your single immortals is often a strategic necessity. Understanding the skills that can shield these heroes from harm can be the key to victory. In this guide, we’ll explore the skills designed to protect single immortals and the heroes who benefit most from them.

1. Fighting Master

Fighting Master is a skill that finds its true calling with key frontline immortals who have low energy regeneration rates, such as Charles or Hannibal (in hybrid formations). These heroes are formidable on the battlefield but are vulnerable to interruptions, especially from Earth Dragons or frontline cavalry immortals like those with Lance Thrust. Fighting Master becomes especially efficient when combined with Adrenaline Rush, as it can help prevent constant energy regeneration interruptions.

By equipping your frontline heroes with Fighting Master, you can ensure that they continue to deliver devastating blows without the risk of being interrupted. This skill allows them to maintain their offensive prowess, even in the face of relentless enemies.

2. Physical Shield

Physical Shield is a skill tailored for frontline DPS heroes like Manco, Siegfried, and Hannibal. Frontline immortals typically boast high HP pools, making additional damage reduction particularly effective for them. This added durability goes a long way in prolonging their presence on the battlefield, allowing them to withstand enemy attacks.

Since all auto attacks in the game deal physical damage, frontline heroes endure more physical pressure than their backline counterparts. Equipping them with Physical Shield can significantly enhance their survivability, making them sturdy bulwarks against enemy assaults.

3. Life Link

Life Link is a skill that provides additional damage reduction, making it ideal for frontline DPS heroes like Manco, Siegfried, and Hannibal or frontline heroes that use Assist. Just like with Physical Shield, this skill benefits from the high HP of frontline immortals, as the additional damage reduction goes a long way in keeping them alive.

Frontline heroes face more pressure from enemy auto attacks, which makes Life Link even more effective in redirecting damage away from them. This skill pairs exceptionally well with Assist or Guard, although it’s worth noting that it may not be a perfect fit for all immortals who benefit from Life Link.

4. Void Realm

Void Realm is a skill designed for support immortals or those who don’t primarily deal damage, such as Tomyris, Dido, or Matilda. This skill’s effectiveness is magnified when used in combination with Assist. By deploying Void Realm on your support immortals, you ensure that they remain safe and protected while assisting their allies on the battlefield.

5. Absolute Defense

Absolute Defense is an invaluable skill that can make a world of difference in safeguarding a single Immortal on the battlefield. This remarkable ability completely blocks incoming attacks, providing an impenetrable shield against harm. What sets Absolute Defense apart is its high activation rate, making it a dependable choice for Immortals engaged in prolonged battles.

It’s important to note that troop count plays a pivotal role in enhancing the effectiveness of healers. Therefore, if you have a backline Immortal healer or a damage support unit, combining Absolute Defense with their skill set can create a formidable defense. This combination ensures not only their survival but also the continued support they can offer to your team.

Incorporating these skills into your Immortal lineup can significantly bolster your overall strategy, providing a solid defense for your single Immortals and increasing your chances of emerging victorious in the dynamic world of Infinity Kingdom.

In conclusion, protecting your single immortals is a vital aspect of your Infinity Kingdom strategy. The skills like Fighting Master, Physical Shield, Life Link, and Void Realm offer valuable tools to shield your heroes from harm. Whether you’re safeguarding key frontline fighters or support immortals, these skills can make all the difference in the heat of battle. Fortify your single immortals, choose your skills wisely, and watch as they become unyielding champions in the world of Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 26-09-2023