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Skills to Supercharge a Single Immortal’s Damage

Amplify the Power: Skills to Supercharge Single Immortal Damage in Infinity Kingdom

In the relentless battles of Infinity Kingdom, the ability to enhance an individual immortal’s damage output can be the key to turning the tide of battle. Understanding the skills that can amplify an immortal’s damage is crucial for crafting a winning strategy.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the skills designed to boost the damage of single immortals and the heroes who can harness these powers to become unstoppable forces on the battlefield.

1. Demonic Contract

Demonic Contract is a skill that truly shines when assigned to immortals like Manco, Elizabeth, or backline heroes who are protected by Assist. These heroes may have lower early-game damage but boast impressive end-game damage potential. Demonic Contract enhances their late-game prowess, turning them into devastating damage dealers capable of annihilating enemy forces.

By equipping Manco, Elizabeth, or supported backline immortals with Demonic Contract, you ensure that their damage output reaches its peak, making them formidable adversaries on the battlefield.

2. Victorious Pursuit

Victorious Pursuit is a skill that thrives when bestowed upon immortals like Manco and Gilgamesh.

These heroes are known for their capacity to unleash powerful blows, and Victorious Pursuit amplifies their already impressive damage output. When equipped with this skill, they become even deadlier, swiftly eliminating their foes.

3. Duel Master

Duel Master is a skill that finds its place with immortals like Elizabeth, Alex, Manco, or other DPS heroes in marches that rely on healing effects.

Beyond boosting damage, this skill ensures that your immortals receive healing through various skills, such as Shelter, Berserk, Absorb, or the wind and water dragon. By combining offensive and defensive capabilities, Duel Master creates a synergy that makes your immortals formidable in both offense and survivability.

4. Anger and Onslaught

Anger and Onslaught are skills that greatly benefit any physical DPS hero, including Khan and Elizabeth. These skills excel when paired with other physical damage skills like Garrote or Chaotic Blade.

The combination of these skills allows your physical DPS immortals to unleash a relentless barrage of attacks, tearing through enemy defenses with relentless fury.

5. Concentration and Wisdom

Concentration and Wisdom are skills that complement magical DPS heroes like Merlin and Baldwin.

When combined with other magic damage skills like Annihilation or Nova, these skills elevate your magical DPS immortals to new heights. The added damage boost ensures that their spells strike with devastating force, wreaking havoc upon your foes.

In conclusion, mastering the art of enhancing single immortal damage in Infinity Kingdom is all about understanding the skills that can amplify their abilities. Whether you’re unleashing the late-game potential of heroes like Manco and Elizabeth with Demonic Contract, amplifying the damage output of Gilgamesh with Victorious Pursuit, ensuring both offense and defense with Duel Master, or creating a relentless physical or magical assault with Anger, Onslaught, Concentration, and Wisdom, these skills can turn your heroes into unstoppable forces on the battlefield.

So, delve into the world of strategic warfare, refine your tactics, and witness your single immortals become the champions that shape the battlefield and lead your army to victory in the world of Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 05-10-2023