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Redistribution of Damage (transfer)

Shifting the Balance: Skills with Damage Redistribution in Infinity Kingdom

In the ever-evolving world of Infinity Kingdom, mastering the art of damage redistribution can be the key to turning the tide of battle in your favor. Understanding which skills allow you to shift damage from one immortal to another is crucial for devising effective strategies. In this guide, we’ll explore skills with damage redistribution and the heroes who can utilize them to maximum advantage.

1. Assist

Assist is a skill that comes into its own when assigned to support immortals or those who don’t rely on HP to be effective. Heroes like Richard, Bjorn, Trajan, Dido, and Qin can excel with Assist, even if they are allowed to drop and face defeat quickly. This skill is all about redirecting damage from the frontline to a designated target, effectively protecting your key heroes from excessive harm.

What makes Assist truly potent is its synergy with skills like Absolute Defense. By combining these abilities, you create a powerful combination that not only shields your frontline heroes but also ensures that your support immortals remain unharmed and can continue their vital roles in the battle.

2. Guard

Guard is a skill designed for frontline support immortals or those who don’t require high HP to be effective, much like the heroes mentioned earlier, such as Richard, Bjorn, and Trajan. Similar to Assist, Guard is about redirecting damage, but it focuses on providing additional defense to a chosen target. This skill ensures that the chosen immortal can endure more damage, making it an excellent choice for frontline heroes.

Guard becomes particularly effective when paired with skills like Life Link and Physical Shield. The additional defense it offers complements the damage reduction provided by these skills, creating a robust combination that not only protects your chosen immortal but also redirects damage away from them.


In the realm of Infinity Kingdom, the ability to redistribute damage can be a game-changer. Skills like Assist and Guard offer you the tools to protect your key heroes and keep them in the fight for longer. Whether you’re assigning Assist to support immortals who don’t rely on HP or empowering frontline heroes with Guard, these skills allow you to shape the battlefield to your advantage.

By carefully choosing your skills and heroes, you can create powerful synergies that maximize damage redistribution. In the heat of battle, these skills can mean the difference between victory and defeat. So, embrace the power of damage redistribution, fortify your strategy, and watch as your immortals become unstoppable forces in the world of Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 26-09-2023