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The “Berserker” skill in Infinity Kingdom, available through the Legion of Frostborne rewards in the Conquest season, is a unique skill that significantly impacts gameplay, particularly when used with characters like Alexander the Great and Hannibal, especially when equipped with unique artifacts. Here’s a guide to help you understand and utilize this skill effectively:

Skill Description

  • Berserker Skill: Increases physical damage by 25% and attack speed by 25%. It reduces energy regeneration speed by 75% and disables the activation of any Trigger type skills.

Strategic Usage with Alexander the Great and Hannibal

  • Synergy with Unique Artifacts: The skill is particularly effective with Alexander the Great and Hannibal when they have unique artifacts equipped. These artifacts transform their ultimate skills into passive skills that do not require energy regeneration or casting to activate, mitigating the downside of reduced energy regen.
  • Optimized for Passive Skill Mechanics: The synergy is further enhanced because the unique artifacts align well with Berserker’s boost to physical damage and attack speed, making Alexander and Hannibal more potent in battles.

Impact on Skill Choices

  1. Incompatibility with Trigger Type Skills: Due to Berserker’s nature, Trigger type skills like Snipe and Death Breath cannot be used. However, this isn’t a significant drawback in this context.
  2. Focus on Passive Skills: Instead, the focus shifts to passive skills that work well with increased attack speed, such as Combo and Cleave. These skills complement the Berserker skill effectively, amplifying the immortals’ combat efficiency.

Acquisition and Application

  • Obtained Through Legion of Frostborne: The Berserker skill is a reward in the Legion of Frostborne in the Conquest season. Players need to progress and strategically use rewards like Berserker Ability Stones to unlock this skill.

Tactical Application in Battles

  1. Strategic Skill Combination: Select skills that either enhance physical damage or leverage the increased attack speed. Passive skills are particularly advantageous in this setup.
  2. Selective Battle Usage: Employ the Berserker skill in situations where its unique advantages can be fully utilized, especially in scenarios demanding high physical output.


The Berserker skill in Infinity Kingdom, especially when used with Alexander the Great and Hannibal equipped with unique artifacts, offers a powerful combination of increased physical damage and attack speed. This setup, focusing on passive skills rather than Trigger types, maximizes the effectiveness of these immortals in battle, making them formidable opponents. Understanding and leveraging these synergies are key to mastering the Berserker skill’s potential in your strategic gameplay.

Published: 09-01-2024