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Player Guide: Harnessing the “Combo” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

In the vast strategic landscape of Infinity Kingdom, the “Combo” skill emerges as a potent force, especially notable for its accessibility and impact despite being a purple (none epic) rank skill. This guide will delve into how to obtain and optimally utilize “Combo” to its fullest potential, highlighting its mechanics, strategic value, and the immortals best suited to wield this power.

Obtaining “Combo”

“Combo” is a skill that becomes available to players at mid-level, offering a powerful tool that’s easily accessible for both free-to-play and paying players alike. Its early availability means players can integrate this skill into their strategies sooner, providing a significant advantage in various battle scenarios.

Skill Mechanics

The official description of “Combo” states: “Every normal attack has a 30% chance of causing extra Physical Damage (Damage rate 250%) to the target.” This skill triggers exclusively on normal attacks targeting the single enemy in front of your immortal, excluding cleave effects. Its reliance on normal attacks makes it especially powerful for immortals with high attack speeds and physical damage outputs.

Why “Combo” Is Good

“Combo” excels in setups that favor rapid, high-damage output, offering a 30% chance to inflict an additional 250% physical damage on normal hits. This capability makes it particularly effective for focusing down key enemy front-liners, allowing players to quickly eliminate pivotal threats on the battlefield. The skill’s efficiency grows with immortals that have a high frequency of normal attacks, maximizing the chances of activating the extra damage effect.

Strategic Application

Beyond its raw damage output, “Combo” enables targeted strategic plays. By equipping it on immortals positioned to attack high-value enemy units, players can swiftly take out significant threats, such as a frontline Hippolyta in a hyper-regen setup. However, it’s essential to be mindful of potential counters, such as defensive or thorns builds, which can mitigate “Combo’s” effectiveness.

Recommended Immortals

Given its mechanics, “Combo” shines brightest on immortals with a blend of high physical attack power and attack speed. The skill finds its niche within wind-earth hybrid builds, where it can be leveraged to its utmost:

  • Alexander: With inherent high damage and attack speed, Alexander is an ideal candidate for “Combo,” particularly in wind-earth hybrid setups where his capabilities are further amplified.
  • Hannibal Barca & Peter: While primarily an exceptional fit for Alexander, “Combo” can also enhance Hannibal Barca in wind setups and Peter in lightning configurations, provided these immortals are tailored towards specific strategic builds focusing on rapid, focused damage output.


“Combo” presents a formidable skill choice for players aiming to maximize their impact in the early to mid-game phases of Infinity Kingdom. Its power to significantly enhance the damage output of suitable immortals makes it a valuable asset in player arsenals, especially when strategically applied against key enemy targets. As with any skill, the key to “Combo’s” success lies in thoughtful immortal selection, positioning, and synergy with other skills, such as “Wind Rage” and “Berserker,” to create a devastatingly effective battle strategy. With “Combo” in your toolkit, the potential to swiftly turn the tides of battle in your favor becomes a tangible reality.

Published: 15-03-2024