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Weakening Curse

Mastering the “Weakening Curse” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

The “Weakening Curse” is a formidable premium skill in the Tower of Knowledge (ToK) for the game Infinity Kingdom, specifically tailored for Defense immortals. Unlockable at ToK level 51, this skill can be acquired during the Triss Blessing Event, offering a strategic advantage on the battlefield by significantly reducing the damage output of your adversaries.

Concept and Mechanism

The essence of “Weakening Curse” lies in its ability to diminish the damage dealt by enemy forces by a staggering 70%. This effect is instant from the commencement of battle and persists on every opponent until they either cast their ultimate skill or 45 seconds elapse. Intriguingly, the skill is engineered to counter dominant figures like Alexander and Hannibal. Due to their Exclusive Artifact converting their ultimate skill into a passive ability, they’re perpetually affected by the curse, making them less threatening over the duration.

It’s noteworthy that the damage reduction specifically targets trigger and auto-attack damage, leaving the first use of the ultimate skill unaffected. This nuance makes “Weakening Curse” particularly effective against builds focusing on burst damage, providing a tactical edge in sustaining your forces.

Strategic Combinations

Enhancing the efficacy of “Weakening Curse” involves tactics to delay the enemy’s first ultimate skill activation. Skills such as “No Escape” and “Energy Suppression” (not to be used simultaneously) are excellent companions to “Weakening Curse,” extending the duration of damage mitigation and compounding your defensive strategy.

Counter Tactics

Despite its potency, the “Weakening Curse” is not without its vulnerabilities. Its effects can be neutralized by skills like “Purification” or by immortals such as Athena and Fu Fei, who possess dispelling capabilities. When strategizing, it’s crucial to consider these counters and, if possible, select opponents whose compositions are susceptible to your march that incorporates “Weakening Curse” to maximize its benefits.


“Weakening Curse” stands out as a skill of strategic depth, thoughtfully restricted to Defense immortals to maintain balance within Infinity Kingdom. Its introduction into your arsenal can significantly deter the offensive capabilities of your adversaries, making it a cornerstone for defense-oriented strategies. With careful planning and execution, “Weakening Curse” can be the linchpin in turning the tides of battle in your favor, underscoring the importance of tactical skill deployment and synergy in Infinity Kingdom’s dynamic combat system.

Published: 06-02-2024