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Purple Crystal – Maximum Efficiency

Most important ressource in Infinity Kingdom

Purple Crystals are the most sought after ressource in Infinity Kingdom, simply because you need a metrix ton in order to max out passives on all of your Immortals.

In this article we shall go over how many crystals you will need, how to get them and most importantly – the most efficient way to obtain them.

Passive Upgrade Costs

lvl 1 (Unlock)5002,0008,00020,000
lvl 27208409601,200
lvl 31,4401,6801,9202,400
lvl 42,8803,3603,8404,800
lvl 54,0006,3007,2009,000
lvl 610,80012,6001,40018,000
lvl 725,20028,80036,000
lvl 832,00057,60072,000

Upgrading even just a single march with elite/epic passives will quickly cost you upwards of 2 million purple crystals (1,960,800).

So how do we earn this high demand ressource? There are many ways of obtaining them, but in the end they come from either destroying immortal fragments or looting in specific events.

There are many interesting sources of purple crystals:

  1. Harbor/sailing
  2. Summons
  3. Arena Shop
  4. Mysterium
  5. Contention of Relics Shop
  6. Legion of Frostborne (SvS) Shop
  7. Wheel of Fortune
  8. Redeem Events
  9. Rebel Event

I know there are many more events that yield immortal fragments, however I will try and go through the most interesting ones that provide the best yields and/or are the ones where you have to choose to spend a game currency in exchange for Fragments or Philosopher Stones. Knowing which rewards to purchase in an events is crucial to your efficiency.


The harbor is a great way to earn steady Crystals, and you should ALWAYS keep your ship sailing.

There is not much to say about the Harbor, just note that it is a very efficient way to obtain crystals and should be kept going at alle times with no downtime. Go on long sails if you can, but key is to minimize downtime. Simply use 3h, 6h and 12h journeys to best match your windows of playtime.

Summoning with Philosopher stones

While you can also summon with the small philosopher stone, the most common summon is the advanced summon which uses the large stones seen on the right here.

You should always save up and summon 9x cost mass summon actually summons 10x giving you 10% cost efficiency. Do remember to use your daily free advanced single summon.

I have been recording my last 513 philosopher stones across 57 mass advanced summons in an attempt to figure out the value of philosopher stones in terms of purple crystals (If you are interested in the data, you can scroll down and find it on page 2 of this article).

The average purple crystal value of a single 9x mass summon is = 4,642.86 crystals

Philosopher Stones can be bought in multiple ways, and gems can be spent in multiplem ways. But we can buy an infinite amount of Philosopher Stones with Gems for 300 each. This means we can calculate the conversion rate of Philosopher Stones to Purple Crystals at a rate of 1:515.88.

Because we can buy an infinite amount of Philosopher Stones in the Gemshop at 300 gems each, this furthermore means that we can convert to purple crystals at a rate of 1:1.72.

Arena Shop

The arena seasons earn you a reward based on your placement (search for the article regarding arena for more info). Besides the seasonal reward, you earn War Insignia with every win and earn daily chests by gaining Victory Points as you win each day. You can gain a total of 100 + 160 + 240 + 300 = 800 War Insignia from daily chests, to unlock these chests you have to win 20x victory points base and in doing so you will earn 10*20=200 War Insignia.

If you cap daily Victory Points, you will earn a total of 1,000 War Insignia every day. With these Insignia you can purchase Epic Immortal Fragments at a price of 200 Insignia each, i.e. 100 Purple Crystals per 200 War Insignia.

Via the arena you can earn a total of 500 Purple Crystals / day + seasonal reward. This is a great steady way of gaining crystals.


Mysterium is a good place to get ressources and should always be completed before it resets (2 day timer). Rewards from the Mysterium varies both on your luck but also based on the level you are able to complete. There are 2 base floors to complete, then you can choose either normal mode or hardmode for the 3rd floor plus the Evernight Labyrinth (4th). The loot per is greater if you are able to complete hardmode. But either way, the Mysterium drops a lot of gold and speedups and should always be played out. Read more about mysterium in the dedicated article or in the article on gold farming.

In terms of Purple Crystals, an average clear on hardmode will yield around 20 Epic Immortal Fragments = 2.000 Purple Crystals.

Contention of Relics Shop

The Shop for Contention of Relics offers multiple options of Immortal Fragments. The purchase options are different based on your Factions Ranking in CoR and come at a varied cost. Luckily, min. 1 option of the cheapest Epic Immortal Fragment is available at any rank. Moreover, the shop offer Philosopher stones! These rewards can be purchased with Valor Marks (read the article on CoR for more info).

We know from the above that Philosopher stones are worth 515.88 Purple Crystals and Epic Immortal Fragments are worth 100 Purple Crystals. Reward efficiency is as follows:

1 x Purchase of RewardValue in Purple CrystalsCost in Valor Marks1x Purple Crystal cost inValor Marks
Expensive Epic Immortal fragment100200020
Medium Epic Immortal fragment100180018
Cheap Epic Immortal fragment100150015
Philosopher Stone515,8845008,7

As you can see, purchaseing Philosopher Stones are nearly 2x as efficient as the cheapest Epic Immortal Fragment and near 3x more efficient than the expensive option. Conclusion: You should always purchase Philosopher stones first.

Legion of Frostborne (SvS)

I do not have enought data on the Ancient Remnant Lootboxes available after the Legion of Frostborne to make an educated guess as to the drop rate of Epic Immortal Fragments from these chests. Moreover, with the introduction of new ToS Passive Skills with Patch 1.8 Ability Stones will be a must-purchase for everyone. As such, I will not go into much detail with SvS as a source of Purple Crystals besides stating that it can be a very good source of Philosopher Stones, as the stones are very cheap here. Only 300 Points per Stone, meaning you will get avg. value = 5,158.83 Purple Crystals if you purchase all the stones.

More will be added as the first real seasons of SvS plays out. To be continued!

Wheel of Fortune

For more information on the Badge Redeem Events, see the dedicated article on this topic.

In terms of Purple Crystals, the wheel should NOT be used to gain Crystals.

Why have I chosen to include this you ask? Because a lot of people have been mistakenly giving out the advice for players to spend gems on clearing the Wheel of Fortune Twice in order to earn maximum Purple Crystals from the event. While it is true that the event is most efficiently played by clearing only twice, the conversion rate of Gems to Purple Crystals are horribly low.

You can gain a maximum efficiency of 14,700 Purple Crystals by clearing the wheel twice. This costs you a total of 14.000 Gems in spins = 0.95 Purple Crystals per Gem.

Significantly lower than Summoning, read above.

Redeem Events

For more information on the Badge Redeem Events, see the dedicated article on this topic.

This event is a good source of Purple Crystals. By redeeming the badges you have earned, you can purchase Epic Immortal Fragments and Philosopher Stones. Please see the table below for the costs, value and efficiencies of this event:

Coin CostPurchase ItemValue in Purple CrystalCoin : Purple Crystal
1001 Epic1001:1
501 Elite501:1
3001 Philosopher Stone515.881:1.72

The Philosopher Stone is by far the most efficient item to purchase during this event. This means you should ALWAYS purchase all 10x Philosopher Stones before you move into the Immortal Fragments. It is also worth mentioning that the Fragments’ conversion rates are identical.

Rebel Event

Work in progress… Please come back later!

Published: 26-01-2022