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Infinity Kingdom Guide: Understanding and Utilizing the “Purification” Skill

n the realm of Infinity Kingdom, where strategy and skill intertwine, the “Purification” ability emerges as a unique and nuanced skill that can significantly influence the tide of battles. This premium skill, obtainable at the Tower of Knowledge level 38 and available in the Triss Blessing Event shop, represents more than just a tactical advantage; it embodies the historical concept of cleansing and renewal.

Mechanics of Purification

In the broader scope of Infinity Kingdom’s gameplay, Purification is not just a skill to be used; it’s a skill to be mastered. Understanding its intricacies, from its dispel capabilities to its healing nuances, can elevate your gameplay, making you not just a player but a strategist.

  • Trigger and Targeting: The skill activates swiftly with a 3-second trigger and randomly targets a team member. Its primary function is to clear any debuffs or abnormal effects from the targeted immortal. If no such effects are present, it provides a small amount of healing.
  • Dispel Abilities: Purification does not address control effects like Freeze, Stun, or continuous damage types, including Mental Decay. However, it’s highly effective against stat alterations like Wound, Attack speed decrease, Energy regen decrease, and increased damage taken. The skill can clear multiple debuffs in a single trigger. You can despell control effects as well as wounds using this skill making it highly effective and sought after for many builds.
  • Healing Aspect: The healing part of Purification is based on the HP of the source and has a recovery rate of 160%. This rate, though modest, ensures consistent healing with each activation.
  • Synergy: Beyond all the valuable aspects of the skill itself, it has further value for you as a result of its synergy with the skill Wine and Dine. As one of the most frequent healing skills you can get high uptime on Wine and Dine buffs by pairing it with Purification. Very powerful and worth consideration.

Strategic Use of Purification

  • Ideal Users: The skill is best utilized by a support immortal because you will get value from the healing aspect in this way. However, because the healing in raw numbers is not incredibly large, you can also run this just for the despell mechanic on a utility or control based immortal (e.g. Trajan, Cyrus, Tokugawa, Qin or others). For maximizing the healing potential, it’s recommended to be used by a backliner rather than a frontliner, whose HP is usually lower.
  • Contextual Relevance: In the current meta of Infinity Kingdom, Purification is almost a necessity for top-tier teams, especially those using Hybrid Earth/Wind compositions due to the prevalence of Weakening Curse and No Escape. However, for other team types, its necessity may vary.

While Purification is a valuable skill in Infinity Kingdom, its effectiveness and necessity are contingent on the specific team compositions and the current game meta. Understanding its mechanics and strategic deployment can enhance your gameplay experience significantly. As you delve deeper into the art of war within Infinity Kingdom, Purification stands as a testament to the game’s rich strategic fabric, offering a blend of historical lore and tactical gameplay that continually challenges and rewards its players.

Published: 16-01-2024