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Full Coverage

Mastering the Power of “Full Coverage” in Infinity Kingdom

“Full Coverage” emerges as a formidable Tower of Knowledge skill in Infinity Kingdom, boasting the potential to significantly influence the tide of battles within the right strategic framework. Its power lies not just in its standalone capabilities but in the synergistic potential it holds when combined with other skills and immortals. This article delves into the mechanics of “Full Coverage,” its optimal usage strategies, and how players can obtain this skill to maximize their combat effectiveness.

What “Full Coverage” Does

“Full Coverage” is uniquely designed to amplify the damage output across the battlefield with its broad-reaching effect: “After each release of an energy skill, there is a 70% chance to deal physical damage to the entire enemy team at a damage rate of 90%.” This skill activates on the use of an ultimate ability, targeting all enemy units with a substantial damage wave, making it a critical asset in widespread damage strategies.

How to Use “Full Coverage”

The key to unleashing “Full Coverage’s” potential lies in pairing it with immortals and skills that facilitate frequent energy skill releases:

  • High Energy Regeneration Builds: Immortals equipped with “Full Coverage” should ideally be part of a setup that emphasizes rapid energy regeneration. This ensures consistent activation of the skill, translating to persistent pressure on the entire enemy team.
  • Synergistic Skill Pairings: Combining “Full Coverage” with skills like “Energy Burst” and “Adrenaline Rush” can dramatically increase its damage output. For instance, using “Full Coverage” on Hippolyta alongside “Energy Burst” can result in high-frequency damage waves, exploiting her naturally high energy regeneration rates.
  • Ideal Immortal Examples: While a generic immortal like Gilgamesh might see moderate benefits, specific combinations like Hippolyta with “Energy Burst” or Genghis Khan with “Adrenaline Rush” can unlock “Full Coverage’s” full damage potential.

Obtaining “Full Coverage”

“Full Coverage” is accessible through multiple avenues, making it a viable addition for a broad spectrum of players:

  • Legion of Frostborne Rewards: Players can earn “Full Coverage” by participating in the Legion of Frostborne event, utilizing Cold Coins and Gems for loot boxes.
  • 5-Day Bundles: Periodically, “Full Coverage” skill stones are featured in 5-day bundles, offering another pathway to acquisition.

    Strategic Placement

    Given its accessibility, “Full Coverage” is an excellent skill choice across the player spectrum:

    • Free to Play (F2P) and Low to Mid Spenders: For those focusing on fire or lightning mains, “Full Coverage” offers a cost-effective way to enhance their offensive capabilities.
    • Big Spenders: In second or third formations, particularly for players with chaos and/or holy mains, “Full Coverage” adds depth and versatility, making it a must-have for comprehensive battle preparedness.


    “Full Coverage” stands out as a skill of immense potential within Infinity Kingdom, especially when strategically paired with high-energy regeneration immortals and synergistic skills. Its ability to deal widespread damage following energy skill releases makes it a game-changer in the right hands. By leveraging the various avenues available for obtaining “Full Coverage,” players can significantly bolster their arsenal, paving the way for dominance in both offensive and defensive engagements across Norheim. Whether you’re a seasoned spender or a dedicated F2P player, integrating “Full Coverage” into your lineup can unlock new levels of strategic gameplay.

    Published: 05-04-2024