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Vitality Touch

Player Guide: Mastering the “Vitality Touch” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

“Vitality Touch” is a top-tier skill in Infinity Kingdom, renowned for its significant boost to healing and defensive capabilities in your immortal lineups. Perfect for sustain-focused strategies, this skill can be a game-changer in how you manage your troops during intense battles.

Overview of Vitality Touch

Skill Mechanics:

  • Activation: Automatically activates every 6 seconds after the battle begins.
  • Healing: Heals the allied unit that has lost the most troops by 120% of the Recovery Rate.
  • Defense Buff: Increases physical and magical defense of the healed unit by 10% for 18 seconds.

This potent combination not only helps in maintaining your troop’s health but also provides a rolling defensive buff that can cover multiple immortals over the duration of the battle, enhancing their survivability against both physical and magical attacks.

Strategic Implementation

Optimal Use Cases:

  • Sustain Setups: Vitality Touch shines in builds where prolonged combat is expected, such as Earth or Holy setups, where maintaining high troop health is crucial.
  • Shadow Sustain: Although traditionally less common, integrating Vitality Touch in shadow setups focused on sustain can provide unexpected durability, especially when combined with other defensive skills.
  • Hybrid Synergy: In hybrid teams, particularly those including Zenobia, pairing Vitality Touch with skills like “Purify” and “Wine and Dine” can create a resilient core that supports both offensive and defensive maneuvers effectively.

Choosing the Right Immortal: Since the skill’s healing effect is based on the Recovery Rate, which in turn depends on the immortal’s Aptitude Attribute, it’s important to select an immortal with a high Recovery Rate to maximize the healing effect. Healers or support immortals generally make the best carriers for this skill.

Acquisition Guide

How to Obtain Vitality Touch:

  • Triss Event: Vitality Touch can be purchased through the Triss shop using Cinders. Cinders can be accumulated by participating in various events like Legion of Frostborne or by selling unused skill stones.
  • Accessibility for Free Players: Free-to-play players have a pathway to this skill by accumulating rewards from events like Legion of Frostborne and converting other resources into Cinders, making it accessible without direct payment.

Tactical Considerations

  • Timing and Placement: Given the skill activates every 6 seconds, placement in your lineup is crucial. It should ideally be placed on immortals who are likely to sustain significant damage early in the battle to maximize its defensive utility.
  • Buff Stacking: Managing the defensive buffs to overlap efficiently can create windows of high resilience against incoming damage, pivotal in turning the tides during critical moments of a fight.


Vitality Touch is more than just a healing skill; it’s a comprehensive support tool that boosts the defensive and recovery capabilities of your immortals. Whether you are pushing for dominance in sustained fights or looking to add a layer of durability to your hybrids, Vitality Touch offers a versatile solution that can be adapted to a wide range of strategic needs. By integrating this skill thoughtfully, you can enhance your battlefield effectiveness and ensure your immortals last longer and fight harder in the fierce contests of Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 07-06-2024