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Mastering the “Ambush” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

In the strategic landscape of Infinity Kingdom, the “Ambush” skill emerges as a unique asset for Range immortals, blending both offensive might and defensive agility. Available at Tower of Knowledge (ToK) level 53 and during the Triss Blessing Event, “Ambush” offers a dual advantage on the battlefield, making it a prized skill for players seeking to enhance their combat capabilities.

Concept and Execution

“Ambush” operates on a sophisticated mechanism that alternates between making the user untargetable and unleashing devastating attacks. Every 12 seconds, there’s a 50% chance for the immortal wielding this skill to enter stealth mode, becoming both inactive and immune to targeting for 3 seconds. Upon re-emergence from stealth, the immortal inflicts significant physical damage across the enemy lineup.

For optimal skill sequencing, positioning “Ambush” in the far right slot of your skill lineup is advisable. This placement ensures that other skills are triggered before entering stealth, maximizing your offensive output before momentarily stepping out of the battlefield.

Damage Potential

In terms of damage output, “Ambush” ranks impressively, with a high damage dealt among skills. Its capacity to deliver substantial physical damage to all opponents makes it a formidable addition to any Range immortal’s arsenal.

While “Ambush” is universally compatible with Range immortals, offering no specific synergy that favors one over another, its effectiveness is undeniable. However, players must exercise caution in matchups against certain immortals like Tutankhamon or Hippolytta, especially when paired with Himiko. The stealth aspect of “Ambush” can inadvertently aid Tutankhamon by narrowing his target options, potentially boosting his damage output through repeated ultimate attacks. Likewise, having Hippolytta hit one immortal many times completly destroys the energy bar of that immortal – but it also protects the energy bar of the immortal with ambush!

The stealth aspect can be both a powerful defensive mechanic protecting the troop count of your Immortal but it can also be a double edged sword!

The dual nature of “Ambush” as both a protective and aggressive skill necessitates strategic deployment. It’s a skill that rewards timing and placement, demanding players to be mindful of the battlefield dynamics and the composition of both their own and the enemy’s forces. Understanding when to leverage its stealth mode for defensive purposes versus timing its damage output for maximum impact is key to mastering “Ambush.”


“Ambush” stands out as a skill that embodies the essence of strategic flexibility, offering Range immortals in Infinity Kingdom a potent blend of survivability and offensive prowess. Its introduction into your strategic repertoire can significantly alter the course of battle, providing moments of invulnerability coupled with bursts of devastating damage. As with any skill, the effectiveness of “Ambush” is amplified when integrated thoughtfully into your overall battle strategy, making it a valuable addition for those looking to dominate the skies of Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 06-02-2024