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Lifesaving Skills: The Art of Healing

Lifesaving Skills: The Art of Healing in Infinity Kingdom

In the tumultuous battles of Infinity Kingdom, the ability to mend wounds and keep your immortals in the fight can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Understanding the skills that revolve around healing is essential for building a resilient and formidable army.

In this guide, we’ll explore the skills designed for healing and the heroes who can master these abilities to become invaluable support on the battlefield.

1. Vitality Touch

Vitality Touch is a skill that truly shines when equipped on heroes like Theodora, Zenobia, or defense-oriented immortals who can reliably maintain high troop counts, such as Charles or Tokugawa. This skill provides a significant healing effect to your troops, ensuring that they remain in fighting shape throughout the battle.

What makes Vitality Touch especially potent is its synergy with other healing skills like Nebuchadnezzar, Spring of Life, and Purification. When combined with these abilities, the healing potential of Vitality Touch is magnified, turning your immortals into nearly indestructible forces on the battlefield.

2. Purification

Purification is a skill that finds its place with heroes like Theodora and Zenobia. This skill has the unique ability to remove the Wound status, which can be a game-changing effect in battles. By eliminating Wound, Purification ensures that your immortals remain at their full combat effectiveness, ready to deliver their devastating blows.

Purification becomes especially effective when used in conjunction with healing skills like Vitality Touch and Spring of Life. The combination of these skills ensures that your immortals not only recover from Wound but also receive continuous healing, making them formidable assets on the battlefield.

3. Wine & Dine

Wine and Dine is a very special skill, I have included it in this guide because it only works through healing. It is a very powerful skill that increases the damage dealt by an Immortal being healed. For instance Wine and Dine equipped on a Zenobia has a chance to increase the damage output of e.g. Alexander when Alexander is healed by Zenobia’s ultimate or skills.

Please make note that I write ultimate OR SKILLS. While is has not been confirmed if aura’s can proc the effect, it has been confirmed by players that Wine and Dine can be activated with skills like Vitality Touch and Purification.

4. Spring of Life

While spring of Life is an aura effect and as such could fit into the aura section of these guide collections, it has no value outside of healing setups.

In healer based sustain setups this is a very powerful skill which both increases the amount of healing recieved by friendly Immortals and provides a strong buff effect reducing incoming damage quite significantly every time they are healed. Despite the low duration, the fact that it is a 100% proc on all healing taken means that this skill has very high uptime and is an incredibly powerful tool for anyone running a powerful healer in their build.

In conclusion, the art of healing in Infinity Kingdom is a vital aspect of your strategy. Understanding the skills that can mend your immortals’ wounds and keep them in fighting shape is crucial for achieving victory. Whether you’re deploying the restorative powers of Vitality Touch or removing the debilitating effects of Wound with Purification, these skills can turn your heroes into resilient and unstoppable forces on the battlefield.

So, embrace the power of healing, refine your tactics, and watch as your immortals become the champions who lead your army to victory in the world of Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 05-10-2023