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2.6.7 Selling stones and buying Triss skills as F2P!

Player Guide: Maximizing the New Ability Stone Selling Feature in Patch 2.6.7

Patch 2.6.7 introduces a transformative feature to Infinity Kingdom, granting players the ability to sell Tower of Knowledge ability stones for Wish Cinders. This update significantly democratizes access to powerful skills, including the coveted Triss skill stones, by enabling players to exchange surplus or undesired ability stones for those that better align with their strategic needs. This guide will walk you through how to leverage this new function effectively, emphasizing its impact on free-to-play players and the increased importance of events like the Legion of Frostborne.

How the Ability Stone Selling Works

Players can now select ability stones from their inventory and opt to sell them, receiving Wish Cinders in return. The amount of Wish Cinders gained per stone sold has not been explicitly stated, so players will need to evaluate the exchange rates within the game.

The Importance of Wish Cinders

Wish Cinders serve as a currency to acquire Tower of Knowledge skill stones from a dedicated shop. This new mechanic opens the door to strategically target specific skills that were previously more challenging to obtain due to random drop rates or event exclusivity.

Strategic Implications

Access to Triss Skill Stones

Perhaps the most notable advantage of this system is the facilitated access to Triss skill stones, such as “No Escape,” which have been highly sought after for their game-changing capabilities in both PvE and PvP content. Players can now prioritize acquiring these stones by converting their surplus ability stones into Wish Cinders.

Enhancing Event Value

Events like Legion of Frostborne, which reward players with ability stones, have gained additional strategic importance. Not only do these events offer a chance to obtain valuable skills directly, but they also provide materials that can be converted into Wish Cinders, furthering your capacity to tailor your Tower of Knowledge to your strategic needs.

Tips for Utilizing the Ability Stone Selling Feature

  1. Inventory Assessment: Regularly review your inventory of ability stones to identify surplus or less desirable stones that can be sold for Wish Cinders.
  2. Strategic Selling: Consider the current meta and your specific lineup needs before selling stones. Ensure that the stones you sell are truly surplus to your requirements.
  3. Event Participation: Engage actively in events like Legion of Frostborne to accumulate ability stones, which can now indirectly contribute to acquiring desired Triss skill stones.
  4. Wish Cinders Management: Strategically manage your Wish Cinders, prioritizing the acquisition of skill stones that offer the most significant enhancement to your lineup.
  5. Community Engagement: Stay connected with the community to understand shifting metas and emerging strategies. This insight can inform your decisions on which skill stones to target for acquisition.


The introduction of the ability stone selling feature in patch 2.6.7 marks a pivotal development in Infinity Kingdom, offering a new layer of strategic depth and accessibility, particularly for free-to-play players. By enabling the exchange of ability stones for Wish Cinders, players gain unprecedented control over the customization of their Tower of Knowledge, empowering them to pursue specific skills that can dramatically impact their gameplay success. Take advantage of this feature by actively participating in relevant events, managing your inventory wisely, and strategically planning your skill stone acquisitions to maximize your competitive edge in Norheim.

Published: 19-03-2024