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Absolute Defense

Player Guide: Mastering the “Absolute Defense” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

“Absolute Defense” is a Tower of Knowledge skill renowned for its protective capabilities on the battlefield. This skill is essential for any strategy focused on safeguarding key Immortals, thanks to its ability to block incoming attacks entirely. Let’s dive into the mechanics of this skill and how it can be effectively utilized in both PvE and PvP settings.

Skill Mechanics

Core Functionality

Every 6s after battle starts, 50% chance that the immortal equipped with Absolute Defense gains a defence shield that absorbs 100% of the damage dealt by the next 3 instances of damage. The three charges last for max 6 seconds at which point 3 new stacks are applied.

  • Activation: “Absolute Defense” provides an impenetrable shield that completely blocks three instances of incoming attacks.
  • Activation Rate: High, making it a reliable option during prolonged engagements.

The reaplication makes it very powerful in long battles and as it blocks 100% of each damage isntance, you can see how blocking a 5 million damage hit gives HUGE value (fighting against an enemy with few damage instances but high damage numbers) whereas blocking a 200k damage hit is relatively unremarkable (weak fighting against someone that deals many instances of damage in rapid succession).

Application in Battle

PvE Context: Spider Boss

  • In PvE, particularly against the spider boss, “Absolute Defense” shines by reflecting significant amounts of damage back to the boss. The skill’s capacity to block substantial bursts of damage makes it ideal for these high-stake PvE encounters.

PvP Utility

  • Troop Retention: In PvP, retaining troop strength is paramount. “Absolute Defense” excels in preserving your frontline, especially when paired with skills that enhance survivability or control.
  • Strategic Pairing:
    • Assist and Guard: These skills enhance the defensive capabilities of your frontline. “Absolute Defense” complements them by providing a fail-safe against burst damage.
  • Life Link: Combining “Absolute Defense” with “Life Link” transforms it into a counter-offensive tool, reflecting damage back to the attacker.
  • Siren’s Gaze: This pairing introduces a control element, enhancing your tactical options against aggressive opponents.

Optimal Use Cases

  • Against Burst Damage: “Absolute Defense” is particularly effective against opponents who rely on heavy but infrequent hits. This makes it a formidable counter to Immortals like Himiko or Khan, who deal massive damage in a few powerful strikes.
  • Long-duration Fights: In battles where endurance is key, such as prolonged clashes against other Himiko setups in earth teams, “Absolute Defense” ensures your key units remain active and effective longer. Personally, I am using it on Himiko right now to defend against other enemy Himiko’s big burst hits. I am getting shield values on Himiko for quite a lot, between 30-50% of the total shield values of Charles’ ultimate. For the cost of one skill slot, I find that is quite decent value.

Current Deployments

Defensive Strategy

  • Protecting Himiko: Currently, I employ “Absolute Defense” in my earth-based Himiko build. The skill’s effectiveness in maintaining her health ensures her damage output remains high throughout the battle.
  • Evaluation: While “Absolute Defense” proves its worth in long fights and specific matchups, its utility may vary depending on the broader strategy and the composition of the other three marches.

Considerations for Use

Skill Slot Efficiency

  • Balancing Act: Deploying “Absolute Defense” requires careful consideration as it occupies a valuable skill slot. Balance its defensive utility against the need for damage, control, and additional utility in your lineup.
  • Matchup Analysis: Assess the typical attack patterns of your opponents. “Absolute Defense” excels against strategies that rely on concentrated bursts of damage.

Tactical Adjustments

  • Flexibility: Be prepared to swap out “Absolute Defense” for more offensive or utility-focused skills if your strategic priorities shift or if you face opponents with different attack dynamics.


“Absolute Defense” remains a top-tier choice for players aiming to enhance the survivability of crucial Immortals in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Its ability to nullify potent attacks can be game-changing, particularly when intelligently paired with other skills that complement its defensive nature. As with any strategic element in Infinity Kingdom, the key to success with “Absolute Defense” lies in adaptability and thoughtful integration into your overall battle strategy.

Published: 04-05-2024