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Life Link – How does it actually work?

The Life Link Tower of Knowledge Passive is a powerful ability featured in various fantasy role-playing games and is notably known for its defensive and offensive capabilities. This passive ability allows the user to establish a Life Link with two enemy units every six seconds after the battle begins, providing a unique and strategic advantage during combat. In this article we explore precisely how this works. Is damage shared? Or do we reduce the damage we take when we run Life Link? I asked the development team to make sure.

Official Description: The official description of the Life Link Tower of Knowledge Passive states that, once activated, there is a 50% chance of creating a Life Link with two enemy units. This Life Link enables the sharing of received damage, specifically 50%, between the user and the linked enemies. The Life Link remains active for a duration of 6 seconds.

Defensive and Offensive Mechanisms

The Life Link Tower of Knowledge Passive skill serves a dual purpose, both as a defensive mechanism and as an offensive tool. Many players often question whether it functions as damage mitigation or a thorns mechanic. However, the true nature of this ability lies in its unique damage transfer mechanism.

When an Immortal character possesses the Life Link Tower of Knowledge Passive, they are able to mitigate incoming damage, resulting in a reduced overall impact. The portion of damage mitigated by Life Link on our own Immortal is then transferred to the linked enemies, transforming it into offensive damage against them. This innovative mechanic allows the user to capitalize on the damage they would have otherwise sustained, turning it into an opportunity to harm their adversaries.

Strength and Importance

Undoubtedly, the Life Link Tower of Knowledge Passive skill is considered exceptionally powerful due to its versatile nature and the strategic advantages it provides during combat. With the ability to significantly reduce the damage taken while simultaneously retaliating against enemies, it offers a distinct edge in battles, making the Immortal wielding this skill a formidable force on the battlefield.

Especially in situations where you are faced with a prolongued fight with consistent damage. Life Link has a pretty high uptime making for an amazing mitigation and offensive capacity against e.g. holy setups or on a tank facing an enemy Alexander.

The strength of the Life Link Tower of Knowledge Passive lies in its ability to turn defense into offense, creating a symbiotic relationship between damage reduction and counterattacks. This makes it a highly sought-after skill among players and a crucial asset for those seeking to excel in combat scenarios.

In conclusion, the Life Link Tower of Knowledge Passive is a remarkable ability that enhances the defensive and offensive capabilities of Immortal characters in fantasy role-playing games. With its unique damage transfer mechanism, it provides a means to mitigate incoming damage while simultaneously dealing a blow to adversaries. Its strength and versatility make it an invaluable asset, cementing its reputation as a potent and highly sought-after skill in the gaming world.

Published: 19-06-2023