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Duel Master

Player Guide: Mastering the “Duel Master” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

“Duel Master” is a skill in Infinity Kingdom that, while sometimes overlooked, holds considerable potential to elevate the effectiveness of physical damage dealers under the right conditions. Its dual functionality—boosting physical attack attributes and providing immunity to wound effects—makes it a versatile addition to any player’s arsenal, especially in strategies centered around sustained damage and healing.

Understanding “Duel Master”

Key Features

  • Physical Attack Increase: “Duel Master” boosts the physical attack attributes of the immortal by 50%. This increase, while not directly enhancing damage dealt, significantly strengthens the output of any physical damage dealer.

  • Immunity to Wound Effects: Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of “Duel Master” is its provision of immunity to wounds.

Wounds, a debuff applied by formidable immortals like Genghis Khan and Emperor Qin, prevent affected units from receiving healing (excluding shield effects). “Duel Master” counters this by making the equipped immortal immune to such effects, ensuring that healing abilities remain effective.

Strategic Applications

Optimizing Physical Damage Dealers

Given its attribute boost, “Duel Master” is naturally suited for immortals with a high physical damage output. The skill significantly enhances their combat effectiveness, making it a worthy consideration for any physical damage-focused strategy.

Countering Wound Effects

The immunity to wound effects provided by “Duel Master” is its standout feature, offering a critical counterplay to some of the game’s most potent debuffs. This aspect of the skill is invaluable in matchups where healing plays a pivotal role in maintaining frontline durability and overall team sustainability.

Ideal Immortal Pairings

  • Alexander in Earth or Hybrid Setups: Alexander benefits immensely from “Duel Master,” as his high attack speed and reliance on continuous healing make him a formidable force when paired with healers like Zenobia.
  • Other Physical Damage Dealers: While particularly impactful with Alexander, “Duel Master” can also enhance the effectiveness of other immortals such as Manco, Khubilai, or Gilgamesh, especially within holy setups, though its impact may vary.

Acquiring “Duel Master”

“Duel Master” distinguishes itself by being accessible and free to play, requiring only a low level for acquisition. This ease of access ensures that players at various stages of the game can leverage the skill’s benefits, from early exploration to late-game conquest strategies.


“Duel Master” offers a compelling mix of offensive enhancement and defensive resilience, making it a skill worthy of consideration for any player looking to optimize their physical damage dealers. Its ability to counteract one of the most debilitating debuffs in the game, coupled with a significant increase in physical attack attributes, provides a strategic edge in both PvP and PvE content. Whether you’re crafting a lineup around sustained healing and damage or looking for ways to enhance your existing physical attackers, “Duel Master” presents a robust solution that can adapt to various combat scenarios, solidifying its place in the end-game meta.

Published: 27-03-2024