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No Escape

Mastering the “No Escape” Skill in the Tower of Knowledge

Welcome to the thrilling world of Infinity Kingdom! The “No Escape” skill, a recent addition to the Tower of Knowledge, is a game-changing Pay to Play (P2P) skill. Introduced in the “Blessings of Triss” event, it’s a high-impact control skill that can radically alter the course of battle.


Type: P2P Skill Investment: Approx. $700 on average to unlock efficiently.
Availability: “Blessings of Triss” event Power Level: High-impact, game-changer control skill
Unlocking “No Escape” To unlock this skill, participate in the Triss event. Adopt a strategy of buying $20 bundles and using single-wishes when you have enough for the skill stone reward. You need to hit the 12x stone field in the “Blessing of Triss” five times.

Skill Description “After the battle starts, there is a 90% chance to silence the entire enemy team for 6 seconds. After the silence ends, every 6 seconds, there is a 50% chance to deal physical damage (damage rate 150%) to the entire enemy team and stun 2 random units for 3 seconds.”

While the skill’s damage is low, its silence and stun controls are incredibly potent, effectively countering most setups, especially those relying on holy elements.

Best Scenarios for Use Primarily effective against holy setups to delay Manco and other skills. Combining with synergies like other control skills or even Hippolytta for energy regen control can lead to prolonged enemy control. This skill shines against almost every setup, barring perhaps earth-wind hybrids, but still holds value even then.

Synergy with Other Skills/Heroes Works well with other controls (confuses, silences, stuns), pairing effectively with Immortals like Loki, Tomyris, Richard, Attila. In synergy with Hippolytta, who removes enemy energy with her ultimate, this skill can control even the toughest holy setups for extended periods.That being said, you can run this skill with tanks and non-control setups well too. Basically, while it enables certain control centric builds to really push it to the next level, any build will be better off with this skill.

Is It Worth the Investment? Pros: Arguably one of the best skills in the game for P2P players. Cons: Exclusively Pay to Win, not accessible to F2P players.

Alternatives to “No Escape” For those unable to invest heavily, consider the lighter version of this skill: Energy Suppression. Though not as strong as the complete silence effect of “No Escape,” it reduces enemy energy regen, offering some level of control.

Remember, “No Escape” can be a game-changer, but it requires a strategic investment and a thoughtful integration into your battle plans. Happy gaming, Lords and Ladies!

Published: 09-01-2024