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Player Guide: Dominating with the “Executioner” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

The recent patch has introduced significant changes to Infinity Kingdom, making the powerful “Executioner” skill more accessible to a broader range of players, including free-to-play (F2P) enthusiasts. This guide delves into the mechanics of “Executioner,” offering strategies to maximize its potential and detailing how to obtain this game-changing skill.

Understanding “Executioner”

Skill Description

“Executioner” is a physical damage skill with a unique mechanism: “After inflicting continuous damage 8 times, deal additional physical damage (damage rate 350%) to the entire enemy team and gain the execution effect, increasing damage dealt to targets with less than 30% troops by 50% for 6 seconds.” This skill not only provides a significant damage boost but also includes a debuff that makes it particularly effective at finishing off weakened enemies.

Strategic Implications

The true power of “Executioner” unfolds when it’s properly synergized within your lineup. It requires a setup that can reliably apply continuous damage, allowing for frequent activations of its devastating effects. This makes “Executioner” a must-have for any physical damage dealer, capable of escalating their damage output to extraordinary levels.

Synergizing “Executioner” for Maximum Impact

Ideal Immortal Pairings

  • Gilgamesh and Bathory: These immortals inherently apply continuous damage through their ultimate abilities, making them natural partners for “Executioner.”