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Unleash the Arcane Fury: Skills for Magical DPS

In the mystical realms of Infinity Kingdom, mastering the art of magical damage can turn your immortals into formidable forces to be reckoned with. Understanding the skills that enhance magical DPS is crucial for crafting a powerful strategy. In this guide, we’ll explore the skills designed for magical DPS and the heroes who can harness their arcane might to devastating effect.

1. Annihilation

Annihilation is a skill that truly shines when bestowed upon magical backline DPS immortals such as Merlin, Baldwin, and Himiko. These heroes are known for their prowess in dealing magical damage from a safe distance. Annihilation enhances their destructive potential by increasing their magic attack damage, turning their spells into devastating attacks that can decimate enemy forces.

For heroes who rely on the power of their spells to dominate the battlefield, Annihilation is an essential skill to consider. It transforms them into formidable spellcasters capable of obliterating foes with their arcane might.

2. Toxin Nova and Fire Nova

Toxin Nova and Fire Nova are skills perfectly suited for magical backline DPS immortals like Wu, Merlin, and Baldwin. What sets these skills apart is their synergy with abilities like Chase. The damage-over-time (DoT) effects from Toxin Nova and Fire Nova provide an excellent opportunity for Chase to trigger, thanks to their continuous damage output.

Chase is especially efficient when paired with skills like Nova or Death Breath, which reliably proc magic damage. Additionally, combining Chase with Weakness can further increase your critical hit rate, making it a potent addition to your magical DPS arsenal.

3. Chase

Chase is a versatile skill that can benefit any magical backline DPS immortal, but it truly excels with heroes like Wu. Wu’s increased crit rate from William or Trajan, coupled with her high energy regeneration, allows her to cast her ultimate more frequently, increasing the chances of Chase triggering.

Chase becomes especially effective when used in tandem with other skills that reliably proc magic damage, such as Nova or Death Breath. Its three-second cooldown adds an additional layer of strategy to consider when planning your attacks, making it a skill that requires precise timing and coordination.

4. Spell Disintegrator

Spell Disintegrator is a skill that finds its place with Wu and any other magical backline DPS immortals. Its effectiveness is further amplified when paired with Chase, thanks to the possibility of a three-second proc.

This synergy ensures that your magical DPS immortals can consistently deal significant damage, wreaking havoc on your enemies.

5. Stormeye

Stormeye is a skill suitable for any magical backline DPS immortal. It can be particularly effective when combined with Fighting Will, further enhancing the durability of your heroes.

By increasing their attack and crit rates, Stormeye empowers your magical DPS immortals to unleash devastating spells with precision and efficiency.

6. Death Breath

Death Breath is a skill that can benefit any DPS backline immortal, including those specializing in magical damage. It adds an extra layer of versatility to your hero’s abilities, making them more formidable in both close and ranged combat.

7. Poison Thorn

Poison Thorn is a skill that greatly benefits both the damage output and the utility effect of your magic damage immortals. In addition to providing excellent single-target damage, it also automatically targets the enemy with the highest physical attack attributes. This means that the damage deal carries greater value than random targeted damage, because we are reducing the troop count of one of the most powerful and important enemy Immortals on the playingfield.

Lastly, Poison Thron also applies a healing debuff to the enemy, one which dampens healing recieved by 50%. This can be a significant boost to your combat prowess against powerful sustain setups and it is the only tower of knowledge skill with a healing reduction effect.

In conclusion, harnessing the power of magical DPS skills is essential for conquering the diverse challenges of Infinity Kingdom. Whether you’re empowering magical backline DPS immortals with Annihilation, Chase, or Nova skills, or enhancing their survivability with Stormeye and Spell Disintegrator, these skills can turn your heroes into unstoppable arcane warriors.

So, delve into the arcane arts, refine your strategy, and watch as your magical DPS immortals become the champions of Infinity Kingdom, wielding the very forces of magic to shape the battlefield in your favor.

Published: 05-10-2023