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Fighting Master

Player Guide: Mastering the “Fighting Master” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

“Fighting Master” is a highly valued skill in the strategic arsenal of Infinity Kingdom, renowned for its dual ability to reduce damage taken and provide immunity to control effects. This guide explores the mechanics of “Fighting Master,” how to effectively utilize it in various setups, and when it might be best to opt for different skills.

What Does “Fighting Master” Do?

“Fighting Master” offers a robust 15% reduction in damage taken and bestows your immortal with immunity to control effects. Control effects, such as stuns, silences, and other immobilizing abilities, can disrupt the flow of battle and hinder key immortals from executing their crucial skills. By making an immortal immune to these effects, “Fighting Master” ensures that your key strategies can be executed without interruption.

Ideal Use Cases for “Fighting Master”

Essential for Key Ultimates

The primary utility of “Fighting Master” lies in its ability to protect immortals whose ultimate abilities are critical for the success of your strategy. Examples include:

  • Himiko in Earth Setups: Known for her controlling abilities, keeping Himiko free from stuns and silences ensures that she can continuously manipulate the battlefield.
  • Loki in Holy Setups: Loki’s ultimate can change the tide of battle, and ensuring he can cast it without delay is crucial.
  • Seondeok in Fire Setups: As a main damage dealer, Seondeok benefits from uninterrupted casting to maximize her destructive potential.

Protecting Main Damage Dealers

If your strategy heavily relies on a physical damage dealer, ensuring that they remain uncontrolled allows them to consistently deal damage, which can be decisive in close fights.

Strategic Considerations

While “Fighting Master” is undeniably powerful, it’s not always the optimal choice. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

Enemy Composition

Before automatically slotting “Fighting Master,” evaluate the enemy’s reliance on control effects:

  • High Control Reliance: In matchups where the enemy utilizes a lot of control effects, “Fighting Master” shines by neutralizing their main strategy, allowing your immortals to operate with impunity.
  • Low Control Reliance: If the enemy team does not heavily use control abilities, the skill’s value diminishes to just the 15% damage mitigation. In such cases, other skills that provide offensive boosts or alternative defensive benefits might offer more strategic value.

Skill Synergy

Consider how “Fighting Master” interacts with other skills in your setup. The choice of this skill should complement your overall strategy and not just serve as a standalone option. Pair it with skills that either amplify your immortal’s offensive capabilities or enhance their survivability further.


“Fighting Master” is a top-tier skill in Infinity Kingdom, particularly effective against opponents that deploy numerous control effects. By understanding when and on whom to use this skill, you can enhance your battle strategy, ensuring that your key immortals remain effective throughout the conflict. Remember, the best use of “Fighting Master” comes from a strategic evaluation of both your lineup and the enemy’s tactics, making it a formidable tool in the hands of a savvy player.

Published: 16-04-2024