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Energy Shield

Infinity Kingdom Guide: Maximizing the “Energy Shield” Skill

Introduction to Energy Shield
Welcome to an essential part of your Infinity Kingdom strategy: understanding and utilizing the “Energy Shield” skill. This skill, while not activated at will, plays a critical role in your gameplay, especially during intense battles.

Understanding Energy Shield
The game describes the skill as follows: “Every 6 seconds after the battle starts, there’s a 70% chance to shield 3 random friendly units to absorb the damage (Absorb Rate 240%) they take for 3 seconds.” In simpler terms, this means that at regular intervals during a battle, there’s a significant chance that a strong protective shield will automatically activate, covering three of your immortals. This shield is potent, absorbing a substantial amount of damage and can be a real game-changer in close fights.

The Impact of Energy Shield
The real value of Energy Shield lies in its high absorbency rate. It’s not just a token shield; it provides substantial protection that can be observed in healing reports post-battle. This makes it a skill of high strategic value, especially in prolonged and challenging battles where every bit of damage absorption counts.

It can be used on both utility and support Immortals for great effect. It dosen’t have to be equipped on a healer Immortal, though you may often want to. Good use cases are: Theo, Zeno, Qin, Cyrus, Khubilai, Charles, Richard, Tokugawa, Trajan, Bjorn, Athena.

Acquiring Energy Shield
To access this skill, players need to participate in the in-game event “Blessings of Triss.” This event is a key opportunity to enhance your gameplay and should be a priority, particularly for those who are investing in the Triss event. The skill is gained through participation, making it accessible to players who are actively engaging in this aspect of the game.

Why Prioritize Energy Shield?
Given its significant impact on battle outcomes, Energy Shield should be high on the list of priorities for players, especially those willing to spend money on the Triss event. The skill’s ability to randomly protect key units in battle can often be the difference between victory and defeat.

Tips for Maximizing Energy Shield

  • Understand the Randomness: The skill’s activation and target selection are random, so ensure all your units are well-prepared to capitalize on the shield when it activates.
  • Complement with Strategy: Pair Energy Shield with other skills and strategies that synergize with its defensive capabilities. Pair it with defensive auras, blessings and graces as well as a setup that relies on utility and support to win.
  • The only case where I would not recommend this skill is for people running glass-canon builds, like if you are doing a dual-mage hyper regen fire build with only damage skills. This can be fun, but end of the day you would be better off with a Cyrus build if you got the high end skill and a more defensive setup.

The Energy Shield skill in Infinity Kingdom is a powerful tool in any player’s arsenal. While it operates automatically, understanding its mechanics and knowing when to expect its activation can give you a strategic edge. Remember, it’s not just about having the skill, but also about integrating it effectively into your overall battle strategy. Good luck, and may your shields hold strong!

Published: 16-01-2024