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Garrote and Chaotic Blade

Unleashing the Power of Garrote and Chaotic Blade: The Free, Underrated Gems of Infinity Kingdom

In the rich tapestry of Infinity Kingdom strategies, certain skills shine for their sheer potency and accessibility. Garrote and Chaotic Blade are two such Tower of Knowledge skills that have flown under the radar, despite offering incredible value and damage potential to every player, right from the early stages of the game. This guide aims to shed light on these underrated abilities, explaining why and how they can be pivotal in crafting a winning strategy, especially for players who leverage lightning builds and synergies with immortals like Loki.

Why Garrote and Chaotic Blade Deserve Your Attention

Both Garrote and Chaotic Blade are obtained for free at low levels, making them accessible to all players. Here’s why they stand out:

Huge thanks and credit to PandaMorati from EDEN s56 who brought these damage calculations to my attention. Very good stuff!

  • High Damage Output: Despite common misconceptions, both skills boast damage stats that can rival even the most coveted pay-to-win skills. They have a 40% chance to activate, dealing 150% physical damage to three enemies, coupled with an additional 75% damage over 6 seconds to the same targets. This equates to an impressive total of 900% physical damage upon each activation.
  • Frequent Activation: With a 40% chance to trigger every 6 seconds, these skills average a 60% physical damage per second (DPS) rate. This is on par with the DPS of Spear Impale, a highly sought-after skill known for its 55% activation chance and 325% physical damage to two enemy Immortals.
  • Strategic Versatility: While Spear Impale targets two immortals and includes a debuff, making it a preferred choice for focused damage, the distribution of damage across three enemies by Garrote and Chaotic Blade has its strategic advantages. This wider damage spread can be crucial in battles where damaging multiple targets simultaneously can disrupt enemy formations and strategies.

Maximizing the Potential of Garrote and Chaotic Blade

To leverage these skills to their fullest, consider the following strategic approaches:

  • Ideal for Lightning Builds: Garrote and Chaotic Blade are exceptionally synergistic with lightning builds. Their activation not only deals substantial damage but also triggers dragon buffs for your lightning immortals, enhancing their effectiveness on the battlefield.
  • Synergy with Loki: For players lacking access to Blade Vortex but seeking to inflict Bleed/Tear effects, pairing Garrote and Chaotic Blade with Loki can be a game-changer. This combination allows you to apply consistent pressure on the enemy, capitalizing on Loki’s unique strengths while maximizing the damage output of these underrated skills.


Garrote and Chaotic Blade represent a significant opportunity for Infinity Kingdom players to enhance their arsenal with high-damage, readily accessible skills. Their ability to deal substantial physical damage to multiple targets, combined with their activation frequency, places them in direct competition with top-tier pay-to-win skills. When utilized effectively, especially in conjunction with lightning builds or immortals like Loki, these skills can turn the tide of battle, proving that strategic insight and skill selection often trump sheer spending power. Embrace the potential of Garrote and Chaotic Blade, and watch as they carve a path to victory in your Infinity Kingdom adventures.

Published: 05-03-2024