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Snipe (new bundle)

Snipe Skill Bundle Guide in Infinity Kingdom

The latest bundle in Infinity Kingdom features the “Snipe” skill, offering a unique tactical edge, especially for backline physical damage dealers. This skill, also available through the Legion of Frostborne rewards, is now more accessible in a cost-effective bundle.

About Snipe Skill:

  • Skill Description: “Every 6 seconds after the battle starts, you have a 55% chance to cause physical damage (400%) to the enemy that is the furthest to you. If the target’s troop number is more than 50%, the damage is increased by 50%.”
  • Ideal for Backline Attackers: Snipe excels when used with backline physical damage dealers like Gilgamesh, Yoshi, and Seon. It enhances their ability to deal significant damage, especially to distant enemies.
  • Tactical Pairing with Himiko: Interestingly, Snipe can be strategically paired with Himiko. Himiko targets the backliner with the highest troop count, and using Snipe, you can manipulate which enemy Himiko controls by focusing Snipe’s damage on another backline target.

Bundle Event Details:

  • Like the previous “Full Coverage” bundle, this 5-day event offers the “Snipe” skill stone for $20 per day.
  • Completing the daily purchases grants a total of 25 stones for $100.

Strategic Considerations:

  • Build Flexibility: “Snipe” is a valuable addition to various builds, particularly those emphasizing backline physical damage.
  • Target Manipulation: The ability to specify targets with Snipe opens up strategic possibilities, allowing for more controlled combat dynamics, especially in combination with other skills like those of Himiko.

Investment Decision:

  • While not a central component of top-tier builds currently, “Snipe’s” versatility, effectiveness for backline attackers, and the tactical advantage it offers make it a smart investment. Its cost-effectiveness in the bundle further adds to its appeal.

Conclusion: The “Snipe” skill bundle offers Infinity Kingdom players an opportunity to enhance their strategic options with a versatile, effective skill at an economical price. Its particular synergy with backline physical attackers and potential tactical combinations with other skills like Himiko’s make it an attractive addition for players looking to explore new combat strategies.

Published: 09-01-2024