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Player Guide: Optimizing the “Cleave” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

The “Cleave” skill is a formidable tool in the arsenal of Infinity Kingdom players, known for its ability to deal splash damage to multiple enemy units. With a 75% chance to trigger extra Physical Damage (Damage Factor 75%) to 2 nearby enemy units on every normal attack, “Cleave” significantly enhances the battlefield efficacy of physical damage dealers. This guide explores the strategic implementation of “Cleave,” highlighting its synergies and optimal use cases.

The Mechanics of “Cleave”

“Cleave” operates by extending the impact of a normal attack beyond the primary target, hitting additional enemies with splash damage. This capability is particularly valuable in densely packed combat scenarios where the positioning of enemy units amplifies the potential for collateral damage.

Key Features:

  • High Trigger Chance: With a 75% chance to activate, “Cleave” reliably delivers splash damage in most combat encounters.
  • Physical Damage Enhancement: The skill boosts the overall damage output of physical attackers, making it essential for maximizing their contribution to the battle.

Strategic Applications

Hybrid Setup Synergy

In a hybrid setup featuring immortals like Hannibal and Alexander, “Cleave” can be strategically employed to distribute damage more evenly across enemy lines. By equipping Hannibal with “Cleave,” you augment his ability to support Alexander’s single-target onslaught by spreading additional pressure to adjacent enemies. This tandem approach can overwhelm opponents with a balanced mix of focused and splash damage.

Enhancing AOE Damage

For compositions prioritizing Area of Effect (AOE) damage, “Cleave” adds another layer of destructive potential. When combined with immortals known for their AOE capabilities, such as those in Khan-earth setups, “Cleave” ensures that even normal attacks contribute to the strategy’s overall damage output. This is particularly effective in scenarios where the goal is to rapidly diminish the enemy’s frontline, paving the way for a decisive victory.

Unlocking and Leveraging “Cleave”

“Cleave” is accessible to all players, making it a versatile skill for a wide range of strategies. To fully harness its power:

  1. Prioritize Attack Speed: Given that “Cleave’s” effectiveness scales with attack speed, equip it on immortals who can frequently trigger normal attacks. This maximizes the instances of splash damage, significantly enhancing your army’s damage distribution.
  2. Strategic Immortal Placement: Position your “Cleave”-equipped immortals to maximize their engagement with enemy units. Proper placement ensures optimal usage of the skill, leveraging its splash damage potential to its fullest.
  3. Synergy with Other Skills: Pair “Cleave” with skills that augment physical damage or attack speed, such as “Combo,” to create a formidable physical attacker capable of dealing extensive damage to multiple targets simultaneously.
  4. Consider Your Overall Strategy: Integrate “Cleave” into team compositions that benefit from its splash damage, whether to bolster a hybrid approach or to complement AOE-centric tactics.


The “Cleave” skill is a powerful addition to any Infinity Kingdom player’s toolkit, offering significant splash damage capabilities that can turn the tide of battle. By strategically incorporating “Cleave” into your lineup and synergizing it with other skills and immortal abilities, you can effectively amplify your physical damage dealers’ impact on the battlefield. Whether part of a focused hybrid setup or a broader AOE strategy, “Cleave” ensures that your forces wield an extra edge in combat, making it a skill worthy of consideration for any aspiring conqueror in the realm of Norheim.

Published: 19-03-2024