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What is it and how do I use them?

You downloaded Infinity Kingdom, you have completed the tutorial and now you are fighting gnomes left and right, killing bosses and most importantly of all – you are growing your power and preparing to fight other players! In Infinity Kingdom, your PvP power is determined by many factors. Element counters, technology, troop tier, Immortal strength, boost level, EXP level, equipment, artifacts and passives.

Passive skills from the Tower of Knowledge (ToK) are vital to your ability to fight and win battles. If you study your armies strenths and weaknesses, make strong combinations of skills and focus on getting these to a high rank quicky – then you are able to win battles against players much higher power than you. I personally rely on well crafted earth team with the right passives to win versus holy marches 40k+ more power.

Passives are the most important aspect of immortal strength in Infinity Kingdom.

So what presicly are they?

A ToK skill (also referred to as passive) is a skill which bring unique effect to any Immortal you equip it to. As you can see below, every Immortal has a frame named “Skills”.

Here you can see the Immortals Ultimate ability (first one) and the ToK skill slots afterwards (for epic Immortals like Wu = 3 slos).

For example: Garrote is a triggered skill, meaning it only activates when its trigger is true. In this case every 6 seconds of fighting there is a 40% chance that Garrote will deal damage to three random enemy units and apply a damage over time effect for the next 6 seconds.

Where do I find all the skills?

While you have been looking around exploring it, you must have noticed this building:

The Tower of Knowledge.

Once you clicked on it, you saw lots of colored icons, with lots of different effects…. these are all skills you can choose to develop and equip to your Immortals via the Immortal screen above.

The Tower of Knowledge will be crucial for developing your marches, here in fact you can learn new skills to add to your Immortals.

There are four levels of skills:

  • green
  • blue
  • purple
  • gold

From green to gold, the green ones will give less power, while the gold ones, will give more power.

This doesn’t mean though that having all gold skills will give you an advantage over teams with both purple and gold skills.

So how do we use em?

Step one: Click the Immortal.

Step two: Click on the Passive slot where you would like to set a skill

Step three: Find the skill you think is best for your Immortal and your skill combination, i.e. in this case we want another Nova or Anihilation since we are procing chase for burst damage.

Step four: Hit Equipment (should be “Equip”) and your done.

Costs to unlock and upgrade the skills

Each skill has 8 levels and the costs to upgrade them differ based on the skill’s color. You can read more about the cost of upgrading in my guide here.

Published: 05-06-2022