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Wind Rage

Mastering the “Wind Rage” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

“Wind Rage” stands as one of the most dynamic and potentially game-changing skills within the Infinity Kingdom, obtainable exclusively via the Legion of Frostborne event. This skill’s official description states: “Every normal attack will have a 55% chance to immediately trigger an additional normal attack.” The essence of “Wind Rage” lies in its ability to significantly amplify the offensive capabilities of your immortals, making it a pivotal skill in crafting a dominating force on the battlefield.

The Power of “Wind Rage”

The skill’s potency is not to be underestimated. It essentially offers a 55% chance for immortals to double their attack output on every normal attack. This creates a cascade of additional benefits, especially when combined with other Tower of Knowledge skills that activate on normal attacks, such as Combo, Cleave, and Heavenly Thunder. The skill is especially valuable in physical damage dealer setups but is versatile enough to augment the capabilities of mages and support immortals through increased energy regeneration.

Strategic Synergy

“Wind Rage” requires thoughtful pairing with other skills to unlock its full potential. Its ability to increase the frequency of normal attacks makes it a cornerstone for combinations that rely on triggering effects from normal attacks.

For instance use it in synergy with:

  • Coupled with Combo and Cleave, it escalates physical damage output by ensuring more frequent triggers of these damage-enhancing skills.
  • When used alongside Heavenly Thunder, it increases the chance of applying this skill’s effects, further augmenting your army’s damage potential.
  • Adrenaline Rush gains substantial value from “Wind Rage” in magic-focused or control setups, where rapid energy regeneration is crucial.

Recommended Immortals for “Wind Rage”

Physical Damage Dealers

  • Alexander and Hannibal Barca emerge as top contenders for “Wind Rage,” thanks to their high attack speed and physical damage output. Their ability to benefit from additional normal attacks makes them even more formidable in combat.

Mages and Supports

  • Himiko and Loki are prime candidates among mages and control immortals. Their powerful control abilities, when activated more frequently due to increased energy regeneration from “Wind Rage,” can decisively tilt battles in your favor.
  • Theodora and Charles can leverage “Wind Rage” in specialized support setups that require rapid energy regeneration for shield deployment or debuff cleansing.

Obtaining “Wind Rage”

Currently exclusive to the Legion of Frostborne event, there’s anticipation that “Wind Rage” may become available through a 5-day bundle in the near future. This would offer players an accelerated path to acquiring and leveraging this potent skill.

Utilizing “Wind Rage” to Its Full Potential

To maximize the effectiveness of “Wind Rage,” consider the following:

  • Skill Synergy: Plan your Immortal’s skill set to ensure “Wind Rage” complements the overall strategy, focusing on maximizing normal attack triggers.
  • Team Composition: Align your team composition to support the enhanced capabilities “Wind Rage” offers, ensuring you have immortals that can capitalize on increased attack frequency and energy regeneration.
  • Battle Strategy: Adjust your battle strategies to exploit the rapid attack and skill activation rates “Wind Rage” facilitates, targeting enemy weaknesses with precision and efficiency.


“Wind Rage” is an incredibly powerful skill in Infinity Kingdom, offering the potential to significantly enhance your combat effectiveness through increased attack frequency. Its value is amplified when strategically paired with other skills and immortals, making it a must-have for players looking to dominate both PvP and PvE battles. Keep an eye on events like Legion of Frostborne (and potentially future bundles) to secure this game-changing skill for your arsenal.

Published: 12-03-2024